3 Famous People I’d Like To Meet And What I’d Ask Them

3 Famous People I’d Like To Meet And What I’d Ask Them

When it comes to celebrities, there are quite a few people I enjoy for various reasons, but if you were to ask me about celebrities I’d like to meet, the list would be quite small.

It comes down to admiration.

mb-201310hollywoodI recently wrote about how we should make sure that our kids don’t turn celebrities into heroes, and that touches upon why many celebrities I enjoy watching or listening to or reading, I’d never want to meet.  These are three celebrities that I have a touch of admiration towards, so I would take the step to meet them if given a chance.

Here are three celebrities I would like to meet, why I would like to meet them, and wht I would ask them if I had the opportunity to ask them only one question.

Stephen King

I’ve always been a very big fan of Stephen King.  I read a lot of fiction, and while there are quite a few authors where I will read anything they write, I always look forward to Stephen King’s books more than anything.  (I was pretty happy when his retirement during the mid-2000’s was short lived).

Many don’t like his writing because of the disturbing topics he writes about, and others find him long winded, but the reason I enjoy his works so much is because when I’m reading his book, I actually create the scenery and the characters in my mind.  He has the ability to ‘paint a picture’ that I can actually see when I’m reading the book.  It’s for this reason that most of the adaptations of his books into TV or movies have never worked well for me, for the simple reason that my imagination doesn’t match what the filmmakers produced.

I also think that he’s been through a lot in his life, and has overcome various challenges throughout his life.  He overcame alcoholism, and later overcame serious injuries from a freak accident that almost killed him.

If I were to get the opportunity to ask Stephen King one question, I would want to know what the most ordinary ‘real’ situation was that led to a book or story.  For I have a feeling that he often sees an event that any of us would see every day and dismiss, but spins it in his head until it has become something unique and worthy of a story.  I think it’d be cool to hear more about his inspiration.

Neil Diamond

I’ve always been a big fan of Neil Diamond.  Even as a kid, one of my favorite albums was ‘The Jazz Singer’ soundtrack.  (Yes, you can start humming ‘They’re Coming To America…Yeah!’)  As I got older, I’ve enjoyed the music of a lot of legends, specifically Billy Joel and Elton John, but if it came down to it, I’d much rather meet Neil Diamond than either of the other two.  Billy Joel has had too  many stories written about him being a jerk, so he falls into the ‘I enjoy his music but we’ll leave it at that’ and Elton John seems like he’d be a little over the top, though I know he said those days are decades behind him, I would still think that his personality would be a little weird.

Neil Diamond, on the other hand, just seems like he’d be fun.  His music expresses a lot of fun.  You can tell by most of his music that he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He is a little bit cheesy, but he runs with that, has fun with that, and makes sure that his fans have fun with it.

A few years ago, I saw Neil Diamond in concert, and having seen a lot of concerts, you could tell that he was really enjoying himself.  Even though he had probably been performing for decades by that point, and had probably sung ‘Sweet Caroline’ a million and one times, he got into it and put on a show.  You never doubted for a moment that he was thoroughly enjoying what he was doing.  My dad, who saw the same show and had seen him as far back as the 1970’s, said that he’s been the same way.

For that reason, I’d love to meet him.  For him, I don’t think that I’d ask one specific question, but would just try to get a glimmer on how he sees life and what his outlook on life is, so that I could try to have some of that rub off.  We could all stand to take ourselves a little less seriously and add a little more fun in our lives, wouldn’t you say?

Warren Buffett

OK, this one probably seems a little cliche, but I admire the man’s consistency, and his unprecedented ability to separate winners from losers.  I think he’s very intelligent, very forward thinking, very analytical, but at the same time knows how to read emotion and use it to his advantage.

I think spending some time with him would be very entertaining, though out of the three, I think he’d be the most terrifying.

If I had to pick one question, I would ask him for a truthful discussion on whether he feels that the average investor can keep up or whether the rich will continue to get richer as Wall Street advances such things as high frequency trading, early releases of data, and other advantages that are perfectly legal, but seem to be slanted toward the wealthy, and seem to be leading to a bigger and bigger gap between large and small investors.  I’d love to hear his thoughts.

Bonus Round: Kid Rock

OK, so if I had to pick a fourth, it would be Kid Rock.  Not because he’s a local Detroit celebrity.  Even though that does play into it.   See, years back, I worked with someone who knew someone else who was close with Kid Rock.  I’m in the computer industry, and it came to pass that Kid Rock (or likely one of Kid Rock’s people) was in need of assistance with some computer stuff.  The friend of my friend asked him if he could do it, but he wasn’t available, so he in turn asked me. I can’t remember the circumstance, but I was unable to take care of it.

Still, just knowing that I had the opportunity to go over to Kid Rock’s house and work on his computer(s), and possibly meet him, leads me to put him next on the list just so that I could have a second chance.

Because, how fun would that be?

Readers, who would you like to meet and what would you ask them if you had a chance to meet someone famous?

12 thoughts on “3 Famous People I’d Like To Meet And What I’d Ask Them”

  1. Three people, hhhmmm…it would have to be ;-
    a) Angela Merkel – I like her style of leadership and what she’s done with the German economy not to mention her influence in the larger European Union.
    b) Warren Buffet ofcourse, heck, people pay millions just for a lunch meeting with him, I’d pick his mind on a number of issues.
    c) Pope Francis – you gotta love this guy, his life, example and the direction he seems to be taking the Catholic church.
    Am not totally sure what I’d ask each…probably pick their brains on a myriad of issues.
    Well and Mariah Carey 🙂

  2. Hmmm I can’t say anyone popped up right away but it would be cool to meet Warren Buffett and ask how he continues to live so modestly despite being a billionaire. That takes a very special person to pull that off.

  3. At first, I could not think of anyone I would want to meet, but that soon changed. I would have loved to meet Jim Thorpe, Ian Fleming and Orson Wells. They all achieved greatness and lasting achievement. I would probably ask questions about how they discovered their talent or was it just apparent. These individuals are far more interesting than wealthy people.

  4. I’m a bigger fan of Jack Bogle than Warren Buffet but both would be fascinating.

    My three would be:
    Condoleezza Rice-I think she is one the most impressive and classy women who ever lived. Q-What was the most interesting thing that happened to you as Secretary of State?

    Kurt Warner-Turned two of the worst teams in football into winners and did it with class. Q- Did you know you would be so successful if ever given a chance when you weren’t even drafted coming out of college?

    William Shakespeare-greatest writer of all-time. Would love to know a lot but first question is how hard was it to write plays about controversial topics including deposing royalty in an era that didn’t always tolerate that type of discussion.

  5. My three would be Jack Bogle, Bill Gates, and Bill Nye. I would ask Jack Bogle what he thinks of using small-cap value stocks for risk diversification. I would ask Bill Gates about his current philanthropic endeavors. And I would ask Bill Nye how we could take his ability to make learning about science fun, and perhaps use that to make learning about personal finance fun.

    If I could talk to dead guys, I would talk to my dad, Gandhi, and Jesus. I would basically ask them how we are doing.

  6. This is a tough question to answer in some respects, when you’re of the female aspect. A lot of the people I’d love to meet were not that fond of women — or considered them generally secondary in brainpower.

    That having been said —

    1) C.S. Lewis. How did this bookish, reclusive professor come up with so many memorable characters? (I wouldn’t even mind if he had a Guinness or two. On my tab, of course.)

    2) Charles Dickens. Terrible childhood, many strikes against him — yet this novelist also has so many memorable characters. I’d love to know how his writing was accomplished, in spite of problems and setbacks.

    3) Gilbert & Sullivan. (If you’re being picky, just Gilbert.) How did these two vastly different people learn to work together so successfully? And how did Gilbert get away with so many rude remarks, even to royalty?

    Thanks for giving me something different to think about, than the work I’m supposed to be doing. Bad, bad girl.

  7. Fun post MB! Too bad about the missed Kid Rock gig. Great celebs, reasons you want to meet them, and questions. If you had to choose one, which one would it be? I recently ran into a celebrity myself. Swing by if you have time. She had a nice inspirational message we all should practice!

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