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You might be surprised at how many people in America do not have life insurance. Then again, you might not be surprised. Only about 62% of American adults have some form of life insurance. And while this is much better than nothing, there are many people who would greatly benefit from having an appropriately outfitted life insurance policy. There are significant populations who would be much better prepared for the future with life insurance, but who have comparatively few members who participate in this financial preparation tool. Here are three of the groups who could use life insurance the most.

Parents with young children (or, really, children of any age below 18) are frequently found to be without life insurance. This can happen for many reasons, but the two most common are a feeling of financial insufficiency and simply not paying attention to the issue. Parents may feel like there is not real need for life insurance. This might be due to their feeling that they aren’t in danger of early death because of their health, family history, or personal caution. Still, unfortunate accidents can happen. In most cases, if any parental partner were to lose their life, immediate financial strain would have its effect on the family. Parents should prevent this from happening by getting no exam life insurance, no matter how likely it is they think they’ll need it.

Another group who sometimes don’t have life insurance is the wealthy. Life insurance is a great way to preserve a family’s financial lifestyle in the event of a breadwinner’s death. It’s also a way to cover final costs. It may seem that with sufficient income, these realities are not a big deal, but this is not always the case. In the event that the primary wage earner dies, the rest of the family is sometimes not prepared to handle the financial responsibility that he or she carried. In any case, life insurance is almost certainly not of great cost for these individuals, and with the potential benefit it could bring at some point down the road, there’s really no reason not to get it.

Young people of all types have a history of foregoing life insurance. It’s true, young people die less than older people, but this isn’t the only reason to consider when deciding whether or not to buy life insurance. Many young people have dependents. Even if they don’t have direct dependents, there are still people who would suffer if the individual was to unexpectedly pass. Young people will get the lowest premiums of anyone, and these premiums are often renewable yearly, so it makes sense to get it at an age while the prices are low, even if they aren’t needed right away.

There are many diverse groups who do not have life insurance, but a great deal of them can be found within these three populations. If you are without life insurance, within or without one of these groups, you may want to seriously consider the benefit you could have if you were to get it for yourself or for someone else in your family.