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Diapers are expensive.  We discussed the option of cloth diapering but we made the personal decision that it wasn't for us.  With the understanding that disposable diapers was going to be more expensive, but that it was worth it for us in the convenience factor, we still look to save money where possible.

mb-201102changingHere are a few ways to maximize your savings:

  1. Avoid the Diaper Genie – We registered for and received a diaper genie.  It's a special garbage bucket with special bags that are supposed to be used to cut down on the odor.  After discussing it and realizing that using it would cost us a ton of money in replacement bags, we returned the Genie and the bags.  Instead, we have a simple flip up garbage can, and bought a case of liners from Costco at a dirt cheap price.  We have to keep up on changing it to make sure there's not a foul odor, but we've probably saved over a hundred dollars by going retro.
  2. Look for diaper dealsWe joined Amazon Mom where we found that purchasing our diapers online was a killer option for saving money.  Here, we get 30% off all diaper orders, we also get the side benefit of free Amazon Prime, and we often find coupons in magazines for an extra 20% off (which Amazon applies alongside the 30% so you get a true 50% off when you stumble across a coupon).  You can also find many diaper deals at drugstores and grocery stores, using coupons, sales, and register rewards.  This requires extra time for research and running around, so it's not for everybody.  At the very least, make sure you're getting some sort of discount, and Amazon seems to be the best offering for that.
  3. Stick with lower sizes as long as you can – Bigger diapers have more material than smaller ones.  As such, your cost per diaper increases every time you increase your size.  My wife used to work in child care, where parents would bring diapers for their child that they could have waited months before switching to.  it drove her crazy, because even though it's just a few pennies per diaper, it adds up quickly when you consider how many diapers kids go through. You'll know when baby is ready for a bigger diaper in that they get too snug or they start leaking.