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There are many different ways to save on coupons.  Many people argue that coupons aren't worth the time it takes to collect and use them.  Others say that coupons actually make people spend more because they use the coupon as an excuse to buy something that they wouldn't.

I think coupons are great and that they can be used quickly and in ways that save you money.

Here are a few effective ways to use coupons:

  1. Clip them from the Sunday paper – If you get the paper, look through the coupons.  You'd be surprised to see what's in there.  Chances are, you'll find something that you were planning on buying during your next trip to the store.
  2. Look online – and are great sources for grocery and home care coupons.  If you don't get the paper, this is a great way to save.  All you need is access to a printer.
  3. Look before you check-out online – If you shop online, there's a pretty good chance that you can find a coupon for your purchase.  Say you're buying something from Gap.  Add your items to your cart, but before you check out, do a Google search for “Gap coupon code” and you could find a code that will save you a percentage off or free shipping, all for typing in a few characters!
  4. Keep it simple – Saving money with coupons doesn't have to be a hard process or involve lugging around a bunch of coupons.  Start with just a couple of coupons here and there, and soon you'll find that saving money doesn't have to be complicated or take a lot of time.

What are your favorite coupon strategies?  Have you ever passed up a coupon because it was just too much trouble?