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Wealth is never an accident. Even if you happen to inherit it, you still need to manage and grow it.  Some things that wealthy people do to keep their wealth is creating a budget, regulate their spending, and set financial goals.  There are key things that wealthy people do to increase their steps.  One practical step is to learn income-generating skills.  Also, network with like minded-people.  Finally, they take controllable risks when starting a new business venture. However, while managing money and increasing cash flow makes a difference to wealth building, what really accelerates things are investments. 

So, based on the wealth habits of wealthy people, if you would like to increase your wealth, you need to learn how to manage your money well, how to initiate income-generating ventures, and how to take full advantage of your surplus income by investing it.

Choosing the Right Type of Investments 

Every year all over the world, professional investors make millions by investing in all sorts of things.  They know how to make more money than they lose from their investments because they have patiently studied, over a long period of time, their particular types of investments. Consequently, they understand how to correctly interpret financial data and accurately analyze market moves.  

Still, while knowledge, skill, and experience are intrinsic to the process of financial success, nothing really counts until you choose the right type of investment, one that you appear to have a natural aptitude for because it aligns with your personal strengths. If you're an analytical person, you would be better off investing in exotic currencies than flipping houses. This is because both types of investments call for completely different interests and personality traits. Conversely, if you're a gregarious person who can't sit still and quiet for long and who loves to network and make deals, then analyzing price fluctuations won't fascinate you. 

When trying to decide on the right type of investment, don't just pick the most profitable investments but choose the one that suits your personality.  

Here are 4 highly lucrative types of investments to consider: 

1. FOREX Trading: 

As a forex trader, you would be involved in a market that strives to satisfy the global demand for the exchange of currencies. The forex market is the world's largest and most liquid financial market. In fact, trillions are traded every day. According to a Business Insider article by David Scutt, Here's how much currency is traded every day,  the average amount of currency traded each day is $5.1 trillion. This data derives from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

2.  Real Estate Investing: 

As a real estate investor, you would buy, own, manage, rent, or sell real estate for a high profit. You would not, however, focus on improving a property. That's another specialty, called real estate development. 

3.  Venture Capitalism:

As a venture capitalist, you would invest in business ventures, giving start-ups the capital they need to grow their business. Unlike a banker, however, you would be willing to assume high risk in return for a higher rate of return than if you were to put your money in the stock market. You would take this risk if you saw high potential in a start-up's proposal. Based on your criteria, you would probably be interested in cutting-edge businesses related to semiconductors, IT, clean technology, or biopharmaceuticals.  

4. Commodity Trading: 

As a commodity trader, you would be involved in trading metals (like gold), energy (like crude oil), livestock and meat (like pork bellies), and agriculture (like soybeans). You would buy or sell based on the laws of supply and demand. In order to decide what market to be in and whether you should buy or sell to make a profit, you would be using charts and technical indicators to try to forecast where the market was moving; and you would also be tuned in to the latest commodity news.   

Make Informed Decisions And Watch Market Moves

When you start to invest, you need to learn how to make informed decisions.  This is a skill that can only come through study and practice. After you have made your investment, you need to watch market moves .  This way you know when an opportunity arises to buy or sell.