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Donald Trump just pulled off what many people thought was impossible.  He has been elected President of the United States.  I'm not going to get into the politics, because honestly, I'm sure anybody with Facebook has seen enough of that.  Let's look at some of the key things that defined how Trump won the election.

Trump Took Advantage of Washington Backlash

People have grown more and more angry at Washington politics.  People are tired of gridlock, and they wanted something different.  Trump came in as something completely different.  Many who were sick of feeling that Washington was no longer working for them (or working at all) were willing to give Trump a chance.  He saw a

Image courtesy Google

Image courtesy Google

weakness in the system and jumped to fill it.

Trump Capitalized On Hillary's Mistrust

The Clinton's have been a force in Washington for 30 years.  During that time, the Clinton's have achieved a lot but they've also been at the center of quite a few controversies.  Trump is involved in enough controversy himself, but he was still able to use the years of issues against Hillary to his advantage.

Trump Got People More Excited

From the time that the general election started, it seemed like Hillary had the advantage, but Trump had the excitement.  The number of yard signs I saw for Trump outnumbered Hillary by probably 3-t0-1.  I saw someone

driving their truck down the middle of Main Street honking, with a big Trump sign in the back.  While Hillary had her share of enthusasitc supporters, by and large it seemed like Trump's were way more excited.  This kept Hillary's support steady but allowed Trump to build a steadily increasing buzz.

Trump Was Like Gump….He Just Kept On Running

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Trump said that he might not concede the election?  Now that I look back, I don't think that was ever his point.  Remember back when there was talk that the Republican party might try to undermine him and Trump said he would just run as an independent?

Trump's campaign largely reminded me of the scene in Forrest Gump where he starts running across the country, and people start following, and don't stop.  Why don't they stop?  Because Forrest didn't.  Same goes with Trump.  If Trump backed off even for a second, some of his ‘runners' might have stopped and he could have lost them.  So, he didn't stop.  He just kept running and his followers kept right on with him.

Trump Turned Issues Into Non-Issues

How many wacky things did Trump say?  How many awful things were uncovered about him?  So many it can't be counted.  But, somehow Trump was able to deflect every single one of these and get people to overlook them.  That's why Hillary's ad strategy for the last two week now looks like a giant mistake.  Her ads showed Trump saying and doing bad things, and they told a lot of truth.  Unfortunately, they didn't work. If people hadn't been turned off by then, it wasn't going to happen.  Hillary should have realized this and concentrated her ads on herself and what she could bring to the job.  She did end up doing this the last two days before the election, but I think by then it was too late.

Readers, what do you think that Trump did right or that Hillary did wrong that has led us to where we stand today?