5 Things I Just Can’t Get Excited About

There are just some things that are everywhere.  They show up on the news, on trending lists, on the news, on your friends Facebook walls.  Whatever the case, sometimes things that are everywhere get nowhere for you personally.  You know what I mean?  Here are a few such things for me.  This is a list of five things that I can’t get excited about, no matter how hard I try or how hard people might try to make me.

  1. The latest music from Adele

    Until her latest album, I was a pretty big fan of Adele, but since the very first time I heard the opening to ‘Hello’, I just can’t get into it.  I change the radio station every time I hear any of her newer songs come on.  Here’s the thing.  It’s not because the music is bad.  Not at all.  The thing about Adele’s music is that every note she sings is rich and meaningful.  So why don’t I like it?  Because every note she sings is rich and meaningful.  It’s just exhausting!

  2. Chewbacca Mom

    Everybody’s probably seen the video somewhere on TV or Facebook or YouTube where a mom puts on a Chewbacca mask and starts going crazy with it.  I love Star Wars, and I get that this whole thing is silly, it’s fun, and that’s all good,  but I want no part of it.  I think the underlying reason is that I’ve hit my limit, for awhile, of things going viral.

  3. Game of Thrones

    I see stuff on Facebook and the news all the time. This shows that it’s kind of a big deal, so you’d think I’d be into it.  I love a lot of serialized drama that’s come to the forefront over the last 15 years or so, from The Shield to The Sopranos to Breaking Bad to The Americans.  I love stuff like that.  But GoT is something that’s never crossed my radar.  Not from the beginning.  For some reason, I’ve always put a mental block on it.  I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the storyline if asked.  In fact about the only thing I know is that some people abbreviate it GoT.  That’s all I know, and I’m fine with that.

  4. Super Hero Movies

    Man, have these ever taken over the multiplexes or what?  And, I haven’t really watched a single one over the last few years.  No X-Men, no Captain America or…well, I can’t even tell you a lot of the others just that I know one is being released every other week, and making lots of people lots of money.

  5. The 2016 Presidential Election

    It seems now that we’ve gotten down to what appears to be the candidates mb-2016-05-ballotfor each  party nailed down that this is amping up the coverage and interest even more.  It’s gone the opposite way for me.  I’d held on hope that a candidate I could get behind might somehow make it through, but once they dropped out, my interest dropped down.  At this point I believe both Clinton and Trump to be unqualified, to be in it for their own personal interests and not those of the hundreds of millions that they’d be supposedly representing, and I believe both would harm the country.  Until I believe otherwise, my interest level in this election is nil.

Readers, what are some things that everybody else is talking about but you?

18 thoughts on “5 Things I Just Can’t Get Excited About”

  1. I’m not a big Adele fan, but think “Hello” showcases her amazing voice. Chewbacca Mom was funny to watch once. Now that it is everywhere it has gotten old really quickly.

    I grew up on Super heroes and Comic books, so I enjoy the movies. With three teenager children who enjoy them too it hard to avoid them.

    I have never watch an episode of Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. There hasn’t been much to talk about around the water cooler.

    I’ll pay attention to the 2016 Presidential Election once the dust settles and we have our two candidates.

  2. I’m with you on just about everything. I used to love Adele as well, but I seriously have not sat through “Hello” the whole way yet. It’s like I kind of want to shake her and tell her to lighten up a little? The Pres candidates…OMG. There are no words.

    • Your comment about Adele made me laugh out loud. That’s pretty much the same line of thinking I had when I heard she was going out on tour. I think I said “I go to a concert to have fun and I just can’t imagine going to her show and letting loose, no matter how amazing her voice is.”

  3. It’s never too late to be a GOT fan, Money Beagle. I assure you that you’ll be a fan after watching the first episode and you’ll be surprised in every twist. The best TV series ever. Haha!!! (I am not affiliated with GOT in any way) 😀

  4. OMG! I thought I was the only person on the planet who wasn’t nuts about Game of Thrones. And as for the accursed Presidential election…a pox on both their houses!

    Maybe we were separated at birth?

  5. Hmmmm. Why does the thought of Bernie Sanders in the Whitehouse interest me so? I swear I have zero interest in the Donald or Mrs. Clinton….The last super power on earth and the thought of either of these two being in charge makes me physically ill. But Bernie Sanders seems to question everything and why we are doing things and showcases the need for change. My thought is Bernie is the candidate for change the other two….the status quo….

    • Well, I see that Sanders probably never really had a chance, and was surprised that he made it as far as he did. The reason being is that elections are still about big money when it’s all said and done, and I just don’t see how he would get the funding from the big money donors that would let him fight like the others. After all, his platform is largely a threat to those with all that big money, so they’re of course not going to send it his way.

  6. Ugh, I watched Chewbacca Mom on the Today show and I wanted those 5 minutes of my life back so bad. Why??? I don’t get it. I thought I had a good sense of humor, but I just don’t see it!

    Basically… you’re not missing anything by not being excited about any of this 🙂

    • Five minutes? This goes on for five minutes? Holy smokes! I caught a 15 second clip and that was enough for me. Five minutes? Why would anyone torture themselves for that long? Lol!

  7. Oh gosh I can totally relate to Adele, Super Heroes and the Presidential election! Sic of the site/sound of all three! Haha. I’ve never understood why the election drags on for so long, it seems much more complicated than the UK, but I suppose we are a tiny island in comparison.

  8. Im with you with all those except Game of Thrones. I do admit though it took watching about the first 4 episodes before I was hooked. Need to give it time. 🙂

  9. Dang, I hate to be unkind or politically incorrect…but I can’t relate to the frenzy of hero-worship over Mohammed Ali. Something’s missing in my personality, I guess: I’ve never been able to see the fascination in movie stars and sports heroes.

    {sigh} I started out thinking Sanders would be a disaster as a Dem nominee because he couldn’t possibly win. But now…I’m thinking he’s the best choice out there. Ugh! What a disaster this election season is.

    • I always knew who Ali was but his time of being all the way on top was before I was old enough to remember, so his passing didn’t have the impact on me that I know it did on a lot of people.

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