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I love selling things on Craigslist since it gets it out of my house but keeps it from just being tossed out with the garbage.  I have sold furniture, electronics, fish tanks, and even a few cars.

Here's how to make money selling things on Craigslist and not get scammed. Turning your old junk into cash is such an awesome way to pay for things like vacations. As they say, one person's trash is another's treasure. These tips help me make the most of my reselling.

Here are my top 5 tips for successfully selling on Craigslist:

1.  Determine Your Craigslist Price.

For anything but cars, I usually look at similar items selling in my city and price my stuff lower since it will sell faster and get it out of my home.  I sold a 10 gallon fish tank with all the extras in less than 24 hours for $125.  The buyer said that she liked my pictures and the fact my tank and setup was $25 cheaper than the others she saw.

For cars, I look up the Kelley Blue Book Value and list it at the “Excellent” price and let the buyers talk me down to the “Fair” price.  Just make sure to price it fairly by the end of negotiations so you don't feel guilty and don't let anyone talk you down to less than you are comfortable with taking.  No regrets.

2.  Clean the Item.

Nobody wants a dirty new thing for their home.  It doesn't have to be sparkling new, but make sure it doesn't look gross and too used.

For our car, we paid $14 to have it washed really well, used their free vacuum cleaners to take care of the carpets and seats, and spent $3 on some wipes for the dashboard and other surface areas.  It sold in 27 hours.  I cleaned the fish tank I mentioned above with the rest of the wipes and then rinsed it down.

3.  Write a Full Description and Include Pictures for Craigslist.

You don't have to write out the life story of an object, but the better the details, the faster it sells.

I usually give a full run down of the condition (make sure to be honest), the specs, why we are selling it, what time the buyers can reach me on my cell phone, and I attach up to 4 pictures as allowed.  Craigslist also lets them email you to a temporary address that forwards their message to the one you type in.

4.  Post on Saturday and Tuesday Mornings.

You can only relist an item every 3 days and EARLY Saturday morning is the absolute best time, so I only post on Saturdays and Tuesdays to maximize the exposure.

5.  Have a Meeting Place in Mind.

I'm lazy and use our house but some people are more comfortable with meeting buyers somewhere else.  Make sure to list the meeting place you have in mind so buyers know where they have to drive to pick up whatever they buy.  Also look out for flaggers and spammers.

Have I forgotten any great tips?  What kind of things have you sold on Craigslist?