6 Items On Our Money Checklist

Things are pretty stable these days with our money.  This means that we don’t have anything really pressing.  However, just as in life, there’s always stuff to do.  Here are a few items that I want to mark off our money checklist.

Combine High Yield Accounts

I have two accounts that pay better than a normal savings account.  Both had reasons of their own at one point, but now some of those reasons have gone away.  Both pay about the same amount of interest. It’d be one less account to keep track of if we combined the two.  Plus, these days, that’s just one less risk of account fraud!

Switch Insurance

I’ve been with Allstate for twenty years.  Sadly, I think that time is coming to a close.  They have kept raising my rates, this past year over 10%.  All this and I haven’t filed a claim in probably ten years!  They claim they can do nothing for me.

I have a quote from another company that’s about 15% less.  I want to do some research on the company, as well as do some additional shopping around.  But, yeah, it’s time to save some money.

Update My Tracking Spreadsheet

Our finances are tracked in a homegrown Excel sheet that’s evolved over the last 15+ years.  It works well but needs some updates.  I’d like to trim out some old data, streamline some formulas, and simplify some areas.

I know what it looks like in my mind.  I just need to take the time and make the revisions.

Revise Emergency Info

I handle most of our finances.  One of the elements in the tracking spreadsheet are detailed instructions in the event that something happened to me.  It contains account information, locations, payment methods, etc.  95% of it is up to date, but I need to just run through and clean it up.

Review And Update Beneficiaries

Most accounts have beneficiaries noted.  At least I think they do.  I want to run through every account and make sure we’ve set these up and that they’re correct.

Plan A Will Or Trust

I’m embarrassed to admit, with two kids, that we don’t have wills.  We need to take care of this.  Ideally, I’d like to set up a trust, but even a basic will would be a good first step.

Readers, what are items on your money checklist?  How pressing are your needs?  Let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “6 Items On Our Money Checklist”

  1. Having a will and instructions on who will care for your kids is extremely important for any parent. It’s also important to periodically check in on them and make changes if needed. Are you still leaving money (or your kids!) in the hands of someone you have had a falling out with? That could be a complete mess.

  2. Yes the will should be your top priority. Also don’t forget to add social media accounts and password on your list, including your blog. I know it is not critical but your close ones don’t need to be reminded you are gone by accidentally stumbling across your Facebook page (speaking from experience). Much easier to delete than chase people down to get them closed. Does you Insurance include life insurance?

  3. This is a great list, I need to do our Wills too (and appoint a guardian), now that we have a baby here!

    PS Hi Money Beagle! Nice to see you here again, I remember commenting on your blog back when I started in 2009! I sold the blog and am starting again now. Good to see the ‘oldies’ (you know, blog oldies) are still around.

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