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The kitchen has become the centerpiece of the house for most American households.  We eat there.  Kids do homework there.  We cook there.  We gather there.  For many, the kitchen is the life center of the home.

When you spend so much time there, you want it to stay looking good, but all the time spent there can make things get cluttered, dirty, or worn out.

Here are a few quick and cheap tips that can help keep your kitchen looking great.

  1. Wash your stovetop accessories in the dishwasher – Many stovetops have removable grates that get dirty over time.  You can wash these, but I’ve found that it’s just as easy to throw everything in the dishwasher and give it a cycle.  Make sure to give yourself time to let everything dry off before putting it back on the stove.
  2. Keep your coffee pot looking fresh with ice – I stumbled across this trick while researching methods to keep the inside of my waste tanks clean in our camper.  With the camper, you can pour some ice (with a little bit of water) in the tank right before driving. All the sloshing around will cause the ice to remove crud that builds up on the walls.  The same principle applies to the stains that inevitably occur in coffee pots. Put a little water, some ice, and give it a good shake for a few minutes.  Watch the stains come right off.  Be careful not to shake too hard, so that you don’t break the pot.
  3. Clean your stainless steel pots with Bar Keepers Friend – Over time, the stainless steel pots and pans will get stained and dull.  A quick shake and scrubbing with Bar Keepers Friend will restore the polish and remove stains.   It’s cheap but it works!  We use it just about every time we wash and it’s awesome.
  4. If you have a stainless steel sink,  do the same thing – Bar Keepers Friend works to polish your sink.  It doesn’t even have to be stainless steel, either.  We have a white porcelain sink that gets dirty, and Bar Keepers Friend cleans it right up.
  5. Get your windows sparkling clean and streak free – If you get sunlight in your kitchen, having clean windows and door walls will let the light in and make the kitchen an even warmer place.  The trick I’ve learned for cleaning glass is to clean it with newspaper.  Paper towels and even rags will leave streaks.  Using newspaper (hint: only use the black and white pages, avoid the colored ink) gives a clean, streak free shine every time.
  6. Organize one cabinet or drawer a month – Stuff you put in cabinets in drawers will become disorganized over time, and drawers also have the unfortunate habit of accumulating crumbs and such.  Often people avoid doing a full cleaning because of the number of drawers and cabinets in a typical kitchen.  Spread it out by cleaning one per month.  Empty everything out, clean it, re-organize it, give/throw away broken and unused items, and put it all back.  You’ll keep a good handle on your kitchen that way.

None of these tricks will break the bank, but they will help you keep the shine in your kitchen so that it can remain the hub of your home.

What tricks do you use to keep your kitchen looking good?