6 Things To Do With An Unexpected Snow Day

What do you do during an unexpected snow day?  For many, this wish just came true!  This past weekend saw one of the biggest snowstorms in history strike the East coast.  At times, watching TV and seeing the reports of snow piling up was as riveting of TV as there’s been lately (and, yes, this includes Making A Murderer).

Luckily, here in Michigan, we didn’t get even a flake of snow.  In fact, since we were right on the other side of the system, it was sunny for a good part of the weekend.  We’ve only had one major snowfall this season, and we were in Disney World for it, so it’s been very quiet for us.

There’s plenty of winter left this year, and chances are we’re still ripe for a storm, so I thought about some ways we’d handle things if we got snowed in by a major storm.

Do you wanna build a snowman?
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Play in the snow

If it’s really windy or really cold while it snows, this might not work, but sometimes all it does is just snow.  A lot.  And, when it does, it’s fun to go outside for a bit in the middle of the storm and watch the world transform into a winter blanket.

Movie and popcorn

There are few things better than taking some relaxing time.  When you know you can’t make it out, it makes it easier to take some well deserved TV time.  A little popcorn, a great movie, and your favorite people around will guarantee a great time.

Work on a long put-off project 

There are always small projects that need to be done around the house.  Provided that it’s not something where you might need to run out to the store for more supplies, you can sometimes get something crossed off your to-do list that’s been sitting there for a while.

Get your brain working

People can get restless pretty quick when they get cooped up.  So, it can be fun to get some exercise.  And I’m talking about exercising your brain!  Jigsaw puzzles aren’t just for kids anymore.  A challenging puzzle can be great ways to keep your brain stimulated.  Time will fly by.

Bake something fun

If it’s snowing then that means it’s cold enough to where turning on the oven.  Filling your house with the smell of freshly baked cookies is always a good thing.  So, have at it!

Keep in touch with your family, friends, and neighbors

While hopefully everybody is staying inside where it’s nice and safe, you want to make sure that your loved ones or those around you are weathering the storm OK. While it’s easy to get lost with the people with you in your house, make sure to keep tabs on the world outside.

Readers, how did you hunker down and make it through your most recent storm?

12 thoughts on “6 Things To Do With An Unexpected Snow Day”

  1. I didn’t get impacted by the snow storm and I am super glad about it because I do not like winters at all! Rainy days are enough to make me immobile and on those days I like to keep myself extra warm and stay in bed, if circumstances allow it. So unfortunately, this list of activities one can follow on snow days do not apply to me because I just don’t feel like doing anything and end up being highly unproductive.

    There is, of course, the possibility that I’ll head over to the kitchen and make myself a cup of hot chocolate and slowly sip on it while watching TV, but that’s about it.

  2. We WERE impacted big time. In my “neck of the woods” we got right around 32 inches of snow and the area has still not fully recovered. I’m most thankful that there was no loss of electric, cable or phone. The debate is whether this was a record storm or just in the top 3…tough call. But the kids got the whole week off from school. Did catch up on some paperwork BUT was hoping to begin getting receipts in order for income tax….which didn’t happen…. Most of time was spent shoveling….

  3. What we did during the snowy day is we bake a lot. I and my kids literally had fun and we also baked pizzas. We only used the ingredients from the fridge. And, it’s just fun experimenting and doing it with my kids. We didn’t get bored during this time.

  4. I can get a bit blah feeling during the winter months, but all of your suggestions are great. Getting out when it’s not too cold is a great way to keep the winter blahs at bay. Today, it was a long walk with the dog. When you can’t go skiing or skating, even a simple walk can do the trick.

    • Very true, it’s been a nice (relatively speaking) few days here in Michigan, so we’ve taken a few walks through the neighborhood and sent this kids outside to play a couple of times.

  5. We’re about to get whalloped by a large storm tomorrow into Wednesday…..they cancelled schools for tomorrow before the school day was even over. What does that mean for me? Well, I’ll just be working from home with countless distractions. LOL.

  6. Kids love this snowy day! They love playing outside. My kids play snowball fighting. It was a lot of fun actually. I joined in by the way.

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