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My wife has really gotten interested in drinking wine over the past couple of years.  She never really found her ‘drink of choice.  But, once she started sampling various wines, she realized that she really enjoys wine over other types of alcohol.  Over time she's found wines that she truly enjoys.  She favors dry white wines and certain types of red.  She mb-2015-05-winedoes not care for sweeter wines and while she may, she doesn't have a deep appreciation for many of the drier reds. Maybe some day!

I enjoy the occasional glass, but my drink of choice is a whiskey and cola, and that's a good pairing for any meal where my wife chooses wine.

With her new appreciation for wine, it's been obvious that wine drinking can be a very expensive habit if you let it, but that there are ways to save money and still appreciate the various wines.

Buy In Bulk

Many stores or wineries will offer you a discount if you but a certain number of bottles, often around 10%.  If you buy twelve bottles, this often works out to nearly a free bottle, and they don't make you buy all of the same kind, so mixing and matching is fine.

Find Half Off Wine Nights at Nearby Restaurants

There are times when a nice bottle of wine shared at a dinner out just hits the spot, but restaurants often mark up wines at outrageous percentages.  Still, many restaurants will offer half off bottles on certain nights of the week.  This illustrates just how much margin is built in!

Don't Assume Cheap Price Tags Mean Bad Wine

One of our favorite bottles of wine comes from Aldi, and it's priced at $2.89 per bottle.  They sell other types for $5 or $6 and they're all pretty good.  They taste fine and they don't leave you feeling ‘bad' like many cheap wines do.  Though some cheap wines taste awful, we've also found more expensive wines that we don't like.  Don't be afraid to try a lower priced wine, because many people can still find wines that they enjoy at a lower price point.

Ask Around

Chances are you know people that enjoy wine and once you start talking about it, you'll find someone that shares your tastes.  With all the different varieties of wine that exist, you'll learn something new from each wine drinker, and that can definitely include finding wines you might enjoy at a price that won't break your wallet.

Look For Sales

Many grocery stores will have wines on sale.  Here in Michigan, the price of liquor can't go below a certain amount for each type and size.  Good news, though!  There are no such restrictions on wine.  If you see a sale price on a type of wine you like, don't be afraid to give it a try.

Keep A List of What You Like and Don't Like

There are so many wines, aren't there?  This makes it easy to forget what you've had in the past. When you find something you like, make note of it, as well as what you paid for it.  Keep a similar list for wines you'd prefer to avoid.  While you might easily remember your absolute favorites, there are many that you could potentially forget the details of over time.

Wine can be a wonderful thing to enjoy, and can be done so in an affordable way.   Enjoy your wine, in moderation of course.  Let me know your favorites and not so favorites.  And, of course I'm always interested how you do so frugally.