7 Cleaning Tips I Find Useful

Cleaning the house is not top on the list of fun things to do for many people.  But, since it has to be done anyway, you might as well make the most of it, right?  Here are a handful of tips I’ve picked up along the way.  I hope you find them useful.

Cleaning Tips I’ve Picked Up

  1. Use vinegar.  We have some traditional cleaners in our house, but a majority of our cleaning is done with vinegar.  A 50-50 vinegar/water mix will clean most surfaces. Why put up with all the chemicals if you don’t have to?  Plus, vinegar is cheap!
  2. Spray first, scrub later.  When you spray something down, give it a minute or two before scrubbing.  You’ll find that many stains will dissipate and caked on mess will become easier to clean.
  3. Clean from top to bottom.  If you clean your floors first, chances are you’ll get them messy when you clean something above it. Work from the top down to avoid cleaning things twice.
  4. Clean windows and mirrors with newspaper.  I still use Windex here, but instead of paper towel, I use newspaper.  It doesn’t streak.  Hint: Only use paper with black newsprint.
  5. Clean lampshades with a lint roller.  Don’t bother trying to vacuum a dirty lampshade or wipe them down with a cloth.  Both leave messes.  A lint roller will do the trick every time.
  6. Clean on both sides of exterior door.  Are you tired of cleaning the floors only to have the first person that walks through the door bring in a mess?  Shake out rugs and sweep or vacuum on the outside of the door to minimize this.
  7. Carry around a screwdriver while you clean.  Technically, this isn’t a cleaning tip but it will save you time.  I often carry around a screwdriver to tighten cabinet pull knobs, doors, or other things that you notice but never get around to fixing.

I hope these tips help.  Readers, what are your favorite cleaning tips?  Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “7 Cleaning Tips I Find Useful”

  1. Spray first, scrub later is my favorite tip….especially in the bathroom. I go in and spray the mirrors, counters, toilet, shower, and tub with their respective cleaners then go off and clean somewhere else. When I get back to the bathroom it is so easy to clean everything out with a simple wipe..instead of having to SCRUB!!!

  2. Vinegar has a lot of use in almost anywhere. It has a cleaning and disinfectant property. I agree, it’s very cheap and handy.

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