8 Simple Ways To Be Happier

Are you in a rut?  Feeling blue?  It might not just be the time of year.  You might have just hit a low spot.  If you’re there, that’s OK.  But, how do you get out of that and find your happy spot?  It might not take a big change.  Here are a few simple ideas to be happier.

Make Time For Yourself

The demands of life can take away all of your free time.  Family, work, the house, even planning vacations can all drain you.  One thing all happy people do is make sure that they have time for themselves.  This could mean time to exercise.  Or read. Maybe it’s just time to unwind. Either way, it’s important.

Connect With Loved Ones

Your family and friends know you best. They’ve been there with you during happy and sad times.  Make sure that you have loved ones in your life.  I sometimes find that social media makes it so we have access to a huge number of people, yet we often lose connections from the ones that matter most.  Find your anchor person (or people).  It’s important.

Learn Something New

Sometimes being bored can lead to unhappiness.  If you have nothing new to look forward to, the days become dreary.  You can snap out of this by learning something new.  Take a class.  Watch a podcast.  Read a book.  No matter what your idea is, a new challenge can help spark you toward happier feelings.

Do Things You Like To Do

If you have a favorite hobby or pastime that you just don’t have time for, find it again.  I can’t tell you the number of people that say “I used to love…”  My question to those people is simple: Why?  Why did you stop doing something that you love?

Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Like To Do

If you have things in your life that bring you down, try to get them out.  Now, this doesn’t mean to run out and quit your job tomorrow.  Nothing that drastic to start off.  But, think of little things, like a TV show.  How many of you watch a TV show that you once loved but is now a chore to watch? If you have that, it’s time to tune out.  That will free up some time for things that can bring you joy.

Automate Tedious Chores

Are you still writing a check to the gas company?  Why? Chances are you can pay that bill online.  If it’s not the gas company or a check, chances are there’s something you can automate.  Free up time and you have more opportunities.  Finding something to automate can help change your routine, and that alone is worth something.

Stop Being Around Unhappy People

If you have people in your life that bring you down, stop being around them.  Or if you have no choice (e.g. co-workers), then minimize their impact.  At work, this can be as simple as listening to music which reduces how much you hear from them.  Either way, reducing your circle of unhappy people will only serve to help you.  People that are positive will help you be more positive.

Count Your Blessings

Everybody has blessings in their life.  Look around and offer thanks.  This doesn’t even have to be a religious thing.  It can just be a moment to appreciate a nice sunrise or a child’s laughter.  Finding the good in the world around us is very worthwhile.  It’s also very easy to skip over, so make it a point not to.

Those are just a few ideas that I’ve had.  These aren’t life changing, but they can help change your perspective.  Sometimes a big change isn’t what we need to find more happiness.  The little things, as they say, do count.

Readers, what are some of your simple ideas to be happy?

10 thoughts on “8 Simple Ways To Be Happier”

  1. Excellent advice 🙂 I find that when I take a little bit of time for myself or to do something I really enjoy (even just 10 minutes!), my mood can really improve 🙂

  2. I like how this list is about both addition (of things you like to do) and subtraction (of draining obligations or time-consuming chores or negative people). I’m not a big outdoorsy person, but I find that doing something outside, whether gardening or just a walk, really helps with my mood.

  3. You left out one of my favorites, do something to help others that has absolutely no direct benefit to you. Give an anonomous gift, an outside large tip. Volunteer at a nonprofit. I think the best way to be happy is to help others be happy.

  4. “Count Your Blessings”


    I just got back from Kenya where most of the villagers were living on about $2/day. Yet every night when the sun went down they had social gatherings, the kids sang songs and played games, and they expressed joy and thankfulness for what they did have.

    So many of us are surrounding by “spoils” yet always want more and forget to be thankful for what we have.

    • I remember a church service where someone who had recently gone on a mission trip to Kenya talked about how many people are able to use a hook to hang up everything that they own in the world, and how yet they are some of the happiest and most optimistic people he’s ever met. I would imagine an experience such as that or like yours can definitely alter your perspective.

  5. Yes, we need to remind ourselves of all our blessings every single day if possible as soon as we wake up in the morning. As human beings, we tend to take a lot of things for granted, our families, finances, our health, and our lives. We’re always waiting for something perfect to happen that we forgot the importance of the present moment. We need to stop this and start feeling blessed. We need to remind ourselves that life is too short not to be happy. Cheers!

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