How To Meet Your Goals – 8 Ways To Achieve Success

Readers, how is 2017 going for you so far?  Did you set some goals for 2017?  I’m pretty sure it’s a natural habit.  After all, a new year can mean a new you!  The bad news is that many will fail at achieving their goals.   The good news is that some will not fail.  That can be you!  If you want a few tips on how to meet your goals, here are some thoughts to get started.

How To Meet Your Goals This Year And Beyond

  1. Write them down.  When the goals are fresh, you think about them all the time.  But as life picks up steam, a reminder will keep them in front of you.
  2. Prioritize. Not every goal is as important as every other one.  You might have a lot of goals but only a certain amount of time to do them.  If you prioritize them, you’ll know which ones to tackle first.
  3. Limit  yourself.  Having fifteen goals that span different areas of your life (love, money, body, etc.) all sound great when you think of them.  But, in reality, you can’t juggle too many goals at once.  Limit yourself.  The focus will increase your chances of success.
  4. Stagger your goals.  January 1st is the date everybody starts their goals. Why?  It’s just a date on the calendar.  If you have twelve goals, try starting a new one each month, or some similar yet workable schedule.
  5. Track your progress.  Each goal should be set with something you can measure against.  This will allow you to track how you’re doing.  A goal of “I want to lose weight” will get forgotten long before a goal of “I want to lose ten pounds.”
  6. Celebrate your successes.  If you reach your goal, congrats!  You did it!  But what about celebrating when you’re a quarter the way there?   Setting milestones along the way to your target gives you goals that are closer to reach.  Plus, the celebrations will motivate you to start the next phase.
  7. Re-evaluate your goals. You might find that a goal isn’t as important or doesn’t apply to your life.  Don’t be afraid to consider moving on to a new goal.
  8. Learn from failures.  Just because you gave up or missed your target doesn’t mean you should quit.  Figure out why your goal didn’t work.  Was it too big?  Did you not set measurable goals? Did something else come up?  Figure out what happened and don’t be afraid to start over again.

What Do You Think?

Readers, what are your current goals?  What tips do you have for others to reach their goals?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “How To Meet Your Goals – 8 Ways To Achieve Success”

  1. Having to change goals partway through the year always annoys me. I pared down this year’s goals to just a few, and added a non-financial goal, and now I’m quite grateful that I did. When something changes drastically, as it did for us on the financial front, and requires a retooling of those goals, it’s good to still have unchanged goals to work on.

  2. Hmmm…. Y’know…you should make a book with these sort of “XX Tips” posts you’ve got at Money Beagle. Wouldn’t have to use all of them…just pick the best of them. People love this kind of thing, and I’ll bet a short book collecting a bunch of them would sell.

  3. “January 1st is the date everybody starts their goals. Why? It’s just a date on the calendar.”

    So agree with this!

    I generally start pursuing goals the second I become motivated enough to set them—regardless of when that is. Sometimes it does happen around the new year, but usually it happens on a different calendar date.

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