9 Random Things On My Mind Or Going On – What’s New With You?

It’s a good thing that the days get longer in summer because you need every minute of light and then some.  It’s funny because I have found my ‘falling asleep before bedtime’ spot, which happens to be on one of the couches in the living room.  If you see me heading to that couch anytime in the evening, it’s a sure thing that I’m going to fall asleep.  Here are some random things on my mind that I wanted to share.  Let me know what you think and what’s going on with you.

  1. The mad rush of special events is coming to a close.

    -Starting with Mother’s Day, it’s one opportunity to celebrate after another, which doesn’t end until Father’s Day (which is often delayed from a celebration standpoint).  In between those two we have my wife’s birthday and both kid’s birthday, plus we also have a lot going on with the end of the school years, dance recitals, and everything else.  Don’t get me wrong, we love celebrating every single milestone, but when they come so fast and furious all at once, we have to remind
    ourselves to stop and take a breath so that we can really enjoy and make the most out of each special event.

  2. Orlando.

    What to say about the tragedy in Orlando that hasn’t already been said?  I think one thing that many people need to realize is that there’s not one thing to blame that we can grasp and use as a fix.  It’s not just an ISIS thing.  It’s not just a guns thing.  It isn’t just a mental health thing.  Shutting down the borders or taking away the guns or re-opening the institutions are not individual solutions.  In our complex world, there are so many variables with seemingly new ones popping up all the time.  And, what’s scary is that the ever growing polarization is not going to get us closer to figuring out how to stop these events from happening.  I’m dreading the day when we have to try to explain this to our kids.  So far we’ve been able to keep them insulated, but at 7 and 5, we’re running on borrowed time.  This thought gives me sadness on so many levels.

  3. The Costco credit card switch is almost upon us.I have never seen so much publicity over a credit card, but the days are nearly here.  We’re pretty much prepared.  I think there are just a couple of small automated payments that my wife needs to redirect, and I’m also thinking of creating a laminated cheat sheet that we can carry in our wallets to direct us on what card we should use to maximize our rewards.  We have a few different cash back cards, now it’s just a matter of maximizing our value!
  4. A possible culprit in my battle against eczema.

    -The other day I went to take a load of clothes out of the washer.  All would have been well except it never got ran.  When I reached in for the clothes my hands came in contact with Oxi Clean, which we use as a supplement for our clothes.  It wasn’t even five seconds in and I felt the familiar burn.  I’m thinking that maybe this is some pretty harsh stuff, and maybe even coming into contacts with clothes, sheets, and towels that have been washed in it have been aggravating my skin.  Perhaps it’s time for a ban?

  5. Amazon price matching policy

    Here’s a tip, if you want Amazon to adjust a price, don’t use their online chat capability.  Technically, Amazon does not have to match a deal if you find a better price after you make a purchase, but they often will as a courtesy.  No such luck when I found an item, on their own site, $20 cheaper less than a week after I made the purchase.  I had two online agents refuse to help and one even ‘hung up on me’ or whatever the equivalent would be for an online chat.  Not to be deterred, I initiated a phone conversation, and this went much better.  They didn’t give a refund, but we have a $20 credit on our next purchase.  That’s good enough for me!

  6. Basketball dreams

    Our son wanted a basketball hoop for his birthday.  These things are something else to put together.  I started, and am about 1.5 hours in.  I figure I have at least another 2-3 hours of work.  Then once we get it in place (it’s one of the portable models), we have to determine how to anchor it.  They want you to fill it either with sand or liquid (it’d be antifreeze in our case) but many people weigh it down by piling sand bags or something similar on top.  Filling it looks better, but piling stuff on it is easier, plus I’d think that emptying it would be a royal pain.  So, we’re not sure on the approach yet.  Any ideas?

  7. Homeowners association

    I served on our board for the last two years but declined to run again.  There’s a very cliquey group of people (think high school) that love to ‘run the show’ from a social standpoint, yet they refuse to run for the board.  It bugs me that they make many requests of the board, yet never include the board members in the social events, so I decided to take a break for at least a term.  I am still working on updating content on the website, which nobody else really knows well.  Since it’s WordPress based (like my blog) this is pretty easy.

  8. Anyone else nervous about the stock market?

    The market had a pretty nice run after the beginning of the year crash.  It seems like the market really loves the low interest rates that are seemingly now just standard policy.  But I’m a bit nervous, as I can’t imagine that will last forever.  Plus, the debt that all of the Central Banks are creating are injecting money that is being used to push the markets higher,mb-2015-06-fire but it’s still debt and what happens when that needs to be paid back?  Or does it? Who knows?  But in any case, it’s a bit scary to me.  It seems like we’re in a situation where everything is hunky dory….until one day it’s not.  I’m not going ‘bearish’ but I’m definitely keeping a watchful eye.

  9. Camping season is upon us.

    One thing that we’ve settled into is our routine for camping.  This is our fifth year with our trailer, and we now have a pretty good routine going.  We did one trip for Memorial Day, and we have another trip coming up this weekend.  After that we have two weeklong trips and a few more weekend trips.  Summer is short in Michigan so we try to pack it in!

Readers, did you  hit the ground running for summer?  How are things looking for you?

6 thoughts on “9 Random Things On My Mind Or Going On – What’s New With You?”

  1. My husband has very severe eczema. Not sure how bad yours is, but we had to move to Arizona, away from the humidity, so he’d stop breaking out and be able to do little things like, say, reliably wear clothing again.

    Anyway, fragrances and dyes are DEFINITELY a problem for lots of eczema sufferers. We avoid as many products with fragrances as possible. Generally, we stick to All Free & Clear (mega bottles available at Costco), which seems to work well. But we used Tide that was fragrance free for a bit, and that seemed to be fine too. He also doesn’t seem to have an adverse reaction to his parents’ Arm & Hammer detergent.

  2. #PrayforOrlando The tragedy happened in Orlando was really a total shock. Fifty got killed, and these people had good, meaningful life. Some of them had still dreams to pursue. It is really saddening that such incident happened, and I hope after this, laws on gun ownership be improved and this serves as lesson for each of us.

  3. I used to have pretty good luck with Amazon’s chat but their customer service there is rapidly circling the drain. They don’t disconnect but I’ve had some really ignorant and unhelpful CSRs, so I may go to email next. I avoid the phone as much as I can 🙂

    As for the stock market, while my existing holdings make me want it stay relatively stable, my purchasing plans want a nice nosedive so I can buy low. This isn’t to time the market, I just look for stocks I want and set an acceptable buy price and wait it out. If it doesn’t ever come along, I buy something else that’s at my acceptable buy price. It’s worked well enough so far that my portfolio’s growing, but I’m also a buy and hold investor so month to month and even year to year ups and downs don’t get to me.

  4. Ouch!! Detergent can really do a job on you if you’re even slightly sensitive to it. And I’m not convinced the hyper-efficient new washers do a great job of rinsing the stuff out.

    Try running the laundry through the wash cycle a second time with no product added, and maybe even add a little vinegar as the first water is running in. Vinegar helps to dislodge soaps and detergents.

    When he was a kid, my son once popped up with a rash that covered his torso, shoulders, and upper arms. Doc shrugged it off: “he has eczema; he’ll have it for the rest of his life.” Then I realized the rash ended exactly where his school uniform shirt’s sleeves ended.

    I’d hired a woman to pick him up at school, stay with him till I could get off work, and do a little light housework while she was hanging out with him. She had taken it upon herself to do the laundry.

    Curious, I raided the clean shirts in the kid’s drawers, tossed them all into the washer, and turned the thing on — without adding detergent. About ten minutes later, I poke my head in there and lo! the surface of the water is covered in about three inches of suds!!

    No idea how much soap she’d been dumping in there, but whatever it was, it took three complete wash cycles to get it out. A week or so later, the kid’s rash was completely gone.

    Look for a detergent that has no color and no fragrance added. And use about half as much as you’re accustomed to using. To get your clothes clean, you really don’t have to use as much as the instructions suggest…

    Hope you’ve discovered the cause and can get rid of it!

    • Well, I can only make so many ‘suggestions’ on changes in the laundry since I’m not in charge of it in any way. My wife does a great job of it. I’m going to ask that we take a break from OxiClean for awhile. I also try to put out there the idea of an extra rinse, which is an option on our machine, but not sure if it gets regularly used.

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