A Double Lesson In Carelessness

My phone rang around 7:30am the other morning.  When I saw that it was my wife calling, I knew that it was not good news.  Between 7am – 8am, it’s pretty hectic.  Two kids are getting up.  This means there’s a lot of activity.  Teeth are getting brushed.  They’re getting dressed.  Breakfasts are being made.  In other words, there is no time for a random phone call during this busy hour!  So I knew it couldn’t be great news!

Turns out that my wife and I had both gone to bed the night before without doing a check mb-2015-02-oopsof the counter.  Had we looked around, we would have noticed that there was a couple of pieces of chicken sitting out for dinner the next day.  We normally don’t keep stuff out for too long to thaw, but a little extra boost helps things along. Unfortunately, we both missed it, and the time out was well past anything normal, so it was off to the garbage for the chicken.


It Gets Worse

About ten minutes later, the phone rang again.  I knew that we were still in the one hour danger zone, so my immediate thought was “What now?”

Turns out the chicken wasn’t the only thing!

After dinner, we’d left a bottle of salad dressing out on the kitchen table.  We have a lazy susan that on which keep the napkins, salt, and pepper, and we’ll often set condiments on there during dinner.  The salad dressing bottle was very small, so it simply blended in and went unnoticed.

Altogether, not doing a visual sweep of the kitchen cost us about $3 in chicken and $3 in salad dressing.  While $6 is not a huge deal, it’s wasteful enough that it definitely stung, and it was certainly worth two phone calls.

There was nothing we could do about either loss except throw the items away, but you’d better believe that we will now be checking things out a little more careful to make sure that we don’t leave stuff out to go bad.

Readers, have you ever left anything to spoil by not properly getting it in the fridge or freezer in time?  What tips do you have to make sure to avoid needless waste?

13 thoughts on “A Double Lesson In Carelessness”

  1. I have left hot food on counter to cool off somewhat before refrigerating it, and then not gone into the kitchen again for hours before finding it. I have had to discard some very good and expensive food. I don’t think one can eliminate these mistakes from happening once in a while.

  2. We’re pretty good about putting things away, however we have missed an occasional expiration date or two over the years. The few dollars mistakes happens because we make mistakes. At least we avoid the big dollar mistakes!

  3. I’ve been there my friend! The bigger problem for us is when one of our dogs decides he wants to pull things off the counter. Not too long ago, he pulled and age 9 hamburgers we were waiting to cook for a small gathering. Low and behold, we had to go out and get more right then as people were already there. He’s done it more times than I care to admit.

    • Our cat likes to go up on the counter and get into stuff. He has chewed through bread bags so we can’t leave anything bread related out. He also once ate a third of a cheesecake that was on the stove cooling after coming out of the oven. I have to imagine he had quite a bellyache after that.

    • Well, we don’t have a dog but we do have a cat that loves jumping on the counter and getting into food. He’s torn open bread bags, and just yesterday, ate part of a cooked potato. But, thankfully he did not get into the chicken 🙂

  4. I feel you there Money Beagle. Sometimes we forget things. I think one possible solution to carelessness is our favorite “practice makes perfect”. And, realizing the money we bought like for that chicken, this makes us learn something so that we can avoid such incident again.

  5. I hate waste. My wife and I haven’t done that yet, but we did become remiss in checking expiration dates so we had to throw away a few things. Now we pay closer attention to the dates so that it doesn’t happen again.

  6. Guess it happens every once awhile especially when everyone’s busy. But doing a double check before going to bed and making it a habit could help.

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