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If you are reading this, you may be wondering where the heck I’ve been.

No, this post isn’t an apology for a lack of activity. Instead, it is an announcement about the future of this site, and I’m happy to say, it’s looking bright.

First, where have I been? During the months of November and December I was scrambling to find a new job. I had given my two months notice at my prior employer, and didn’t have the crutch of unemployment insurance to fall back on, so the only thing I could focus on was job hunting.

Luckily at the end of December I started a new job. January has been a crush of work and commuting, and I’m starting to get adjusted. I’m pleased to say that I’m really enjoying my new job. The only drawback is that I have to work three days per week away from home (3.5 hours away), so I’m far from my family and from this site.

Enjoying work is a new concept to me, and many longtime readers may be surprised given that much of my old talk about working involved negative associations based on bad bosses and an overwhelming desire to retire early.

Have no fear, I’m still itching to retire as soon as possible, and I view this new career path (and bigger paycheck) as a way to get there even faster.

An Exciting New Partnership

To help rejuvenate this site, I’m proud to announce a new partnership with Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff. If you are a personal finance blogger or reader, you have probably seen her around. She’s an all-around good person, and writes with a very down-to-earth and relatable voice.

Having Crystal on board is definitely a win for Married (with Debt) readers. Like me, she is married, and though we both carry no consumer debt, we both have mortgages to pay. Additionally, one of my 10 Rules to Eliminate Debt is Set Aside Money for Fun, something that definitely is in the spirit of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Though we share many philosophies, I’m looking forward to the new direction she will help steer this site in.

In addition to Crystal’s contributions, we will also feature other staff writers to give new perspectives. On a personal note, I’m going through some new challenges in my life which will give me some fresh ideas for new content, including selling a house, long distance commuting, telecommuting, investing vs. saving debates, and moving a family to a totally new place.

So while MWD’s one year anniversary came and went without fanfare in December, please use this as an opportunity to celebrate the road to debt freedom and the amazing contributions of personal finance blogs. Without them I would have been unable to maintain the focus I needed to pay off over $100,000 in consumer and student loan debt.

Having a place to get advice and meet others who are sharing your journey towards debt freedom is important, especially when we are surrounded by friends and family content with the status quo of paycheck-to-paycheck and work-to-spend, folks who don’t want to hear about your newfound desire to take control of your financial life.

We hope Married (with Debt) can be that place for you.

Thanks to everyone reading this and to our longtime readers. Here’s to a better 2013 for all!