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This whole business of the new roof is getting tiresome already, and we're still very far away from getting anything done.

Heck, I can't even get some companies to come out and give me a quote.  I've never had an experience like this.

I called JKM Roofing (of Michigan) that was referred to us by a neighbor who had their roof done last year, and it turns out my parents had used them a few years back as well.

I talked to the guy that answered, who was the owner, and explained that we were in the market for a new roof.  He asked some pretty specific questions about what we were looking for, and I answered the best I could.  He spent some time answering some questions I have about ridge vents, which is something I'm considering.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, the quiz portion of the conversation was about to start, and I decidedly failed that.

He asked;

  1. What roofing material we were looking to get, including how much ice guard we wanted.  I said that I was just getting information about things that went into making these decisions, and I would look to him for recommendations and discussion.
  2. He asked when we wanted the roof done.  I said sometime during the upcoming spring or summer.  At the time, it was mid-February, around 20 degrees, and there was a good pile of snow everywhere.  While I've actually seen a couple of new roofs go on in our subdivision over the last few weeks, I have no interest at all in a new roof until the weather turns.
  3. He asked how many quotes I was planning on getting.  I told him likely between 3-5.

At that point, the guy blew my mind and told me flat out that he didn't see an opportunity to work with me and advised that I look elsewhere.  I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and asked him what he was talking about.

He said that he found that he didn't want to work with customers who didn't know the specifications of the roof I was looking for, who don't know the time that they want it done, and that if a customer goves with over three quotes, he doesn't want to work with them.

So from what I'm hearing, I'm supposed to be an expert on roofs before I talk to him, rather than relying on the expertise that I would expect he is supposed to bring to the table.  I'm also supposed to have given an exact date of when I wanted my roof done, even though we were in the throes of winter.  Furthermore, according to him, trying to get more than three quotes and, oh I don't know, be an informed customer, is a bad idea.

Now, I get the fact that these guys are out there giving free estimates, and that there are likely costs involved.  They have to come out, take a look around, measure, estimate, spend the time putting together costs, and all that, but to me, that's part of the job of owning a freaking roofing company!  If you can't handle the sales portion of it, then I don't care how great of a roof you install, you still pretty much suck as a company.

We're nowhere close to getting a new roof, and I already want it to be done with!