A Sure Fire Way To Reduce Clutter: Move!

Nearly everybody accumulates too much clutter in their lives.  Whether it be in their house, their car, of their office (or cubicle), clutter simply becomes.  And it grows.

For years, the IT department here at work was housed in one building.  Eventually it grew to where they started renting out suites of the second building in the complex as those tenants closed up shop.  Finally, they decided to take over the second building altogether, at which point they decided to completely gut and renovate the two buildings.  They’re doing it in multiple phases, beginning with the space that was formerly occupied with others.  We just moved into that new space last month to clear the next part that will then be renovated, at which point they’ll move over to the other building, and so on.

Even though everybody was moving just a couple of hundred feet away, the mere act of having to pack up everything for the move created an enormous reduction in clutter.  This was obvious by the shredding buckets that got filled daily, as well as the massive accumulation near the big garbage cans.

Bottom line, when it’s time to move, it forces you to go through things and reduce the clutter.

So, if you have too much clutter around your house, here’s the suggestion:


Now if that’s too drastic, well, then use your imagination and pretend you’re going to move.  Go in and take everything out of a closet and only put back what you would put in a box should you be packing for a move.

Go down in the basement or storage room and go through piece by piece of whatever is there, and if you wouldn’t want it going on a moving truck and to a new house, then put it in the pile to get rid of.

Junk drawers.  Desk drawers.  Garage shelves. Empty them and put them back pretending you’re packing the stuff in a box.  Move all around the house.  I guarantee you’ll get rid of so much stuff, you’d be amazed.  You’ll find things you never knew you still had (and certainly don’t need).

And, hey, if you then decide to move at any point in the near future, you’re already one step ahead of the game, right? 🙂

14 thoughts on “A Sure Fire Way To Reduce Clutter: Move!”

  1. We got rid of soo much stuff when we moved. We lived in a 500 sq foot apartment and I don’t know how we had that much stuff to get rid of, but a whole truck load went to charity/the dump.

  2. When we moved about 20 months ago we did reduce our clutter (home staging requires it) but we also moved a lot of the clutter! We were so tired from close to 4 months of renos, cleaning and staging that making decisions about what we actually NEEDED to move took a back seat. Now we are parents and we need more space to fit and store stuff. Garage sale time!

    • I’ve wanted to do a garage sale but so far it’s always happened on weekends when we are about to have kids or the kids birthday, so it hasn’t happened yet!

  3. When we moved from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom townhouse, we knew we needed to get rid of things. Furniture was the first to go, but then we went deeper. I think you routinely need to get rid of things or you will build up junk. We try to go through clothes closets and stuff a couple times a year to declutter.

    • True. I try to keep a handle on things but it’s always a losing battle it seems. Or at least a never-ending one for sure.

  4. Every time that I move to one apartment to another, I get rid of all the things in my old apartment and just buy new stuff

  5. We recently moved countries and had to get rid of 10+ years of accumulated junk and clutter. I had a friend come over and she kept me motivated and was really stern with me – questioning me if I put something into the “keep” pile.

    What was a great discovery for me was that in addition to being practical, getting rid of our clutter was very therapeutic. I felt so much lighter and mentally free, it was liberating! We decided after this experience to try and live clutter free and with less “stuff” so we really question ourselves on necessity when we go to purchase something.

  6. Great one! Thinking that you’re ‘moving’ to reduce clutter is brilliant. Of course, this is one way of motivating yourself to actually remove the clutter and organize things. You’re moving, you don’t want to bring unnecessary stuff to your new home, right? Cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great idea to clear clutter throughout the year. It can be overwhelming to leave it all until you move. I just moved last month and I was quite surprised at the amount of junk I was able to give away. Doing that earlier in the year would’ve made the move go a lot smoother.

    Or if you forget to do it throughout the year, you can do it all in one swoop just before a move. It beats having to move all that clutter to a new place.

    • You definitely can but it is overwhelming during a move where you have a million other things to contend with anyways!

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