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Why Our Rates are Way More Accurate

Michael Jones

Auto Loan Expert

While other comparison sites for auto loans exist, they all suffer from rate accuracy issues.  While it is true that no lender can publish the actual rate each individual customer will receive, since they are general advertised rates, this results in comparison websites and most lender websites in showing artificially low rates. The reality is, rates vary far more at the individual level. One size really does not fit all.

How? This is mainly because all the rates they show are based on the highest credit scores, instead of scores that reflect the customer's actual credit score. So if you have near perfect credit, there is not a problem, but for the majority of shoppers this may be a problem.

To show artificially low rates just misinforms customers into thinking regarding rate they are going to get after they apply, but of course, after they apply, they are often surprised that they rates are quite different from what they saw being advertised.

How do we solve this? Our advanced AI algorythms ensure that the shoppers credit score is taken into account with the rates being shown, providing rates that are much closer to reality.

So while our rates may look higher for good, average, and poor, credit scores, the fact is, they are much closer to what you will actually get when you apply, saving you time and frustration.