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ACG Equipment Financing Review

Anne Miller

Anne Miller

Senior Author

Anne Miller

Senior Author

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Is your company equipment damaged, breakdown, or simply not performing to standards? Chances are, it’s time for an upgrade! By upgrading and purchasing or leasing new equipment, not only can it enhance the appeal of your company, but also your profits and services. This is where equipment financing companies like ACG Equipment Finance come into play.

Today, we are going to review this company and discuss the benefits and precautions to take when applying for equipment finance services from ACG Equipment Finance.


When comparing ACG Equipment Finance’s website to other competing companies, their website is more informative, transparent, and easy-to-understand. The fact that a potential client can easily apply or “get some numbers” with the click of button is quite impressive.


There have been a few complaints regarding ACG Equipment Finance professionalism and customer service relations.

ACG Equipment Financing ReviewLoan and Lender Information

ACC Equipment Finance is a financial institution from Ohio that strives to help business owners in more ways than one. For over 20 years, ACG Equipment Finance has build a reputation as a successful and profitable equipment financer and lender, regardless of the economic situations around the world. This is why the company does thorough research ensuring that you, the business owner, get the best possible deal and the best possible outcome.

ACG Equipment Finance offers their first-class service in almost every single possible industry, including:

  • Trucking
  • Construction
  • Embroidery and Screen Printing
  • Agriculture
  • Jewelry and Engraving
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Vending and Arcade
  • Material Handling
  • Printing and Mailing
  • Landscaping and Tree
  • Office Equipment

If you are running a business in any of these fields, chances are, ACG Equipment Financing can help you out. Prior to this though, it’s important to consider their rates and fees in comparison to the market.

Rates and Fees

ACG Equipment Finance does not reveal the estimated rates and fees for any of their equipment financing services. While his may appear to be a downside, what we do like about ACGEF’s website, is their unique Payment Calculator. This is an embedded feature that allows for business owners to create an estimate, based upon how much they anticipate the equipment to cost. From there, ACG Equipment Finance will email you in return with plausible financial options, including their estimated rates and fees, making it much easier to access than many other equipment financing companies.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for ACG Equipment Finance, it’s as easy as clicking a button! All you need to do is visit their website at and click on the APPLY NOW button on the top of the page. From there, you will be guided to the company’s application from in which you need to fill out. Once you submit this form, you will have officially begun the application process, which starts with a standard credit check. In a few days, you should hear back from ACG Equipment Finance professionals with tailored options for your business.


In the equipment financing industry, there many different companies competing, offering the same exact service. However, ACG Equipment Finance happens to do a few things differently, making the company stand aside from the crowd of companies. In our opinion, while the company does not mention estimated fees or rates on their website, it’s easy to access, alongside many other features and information. With that being said, ACG Equipment Finance is a reputable company worth of consideration.

Anne Miller

Anne is a Senior Author for SBL. She began her career as an independent consultant for local businesses after graduating with a BA in Management. Since that time, she’s expanded to writing as well as consulting to spread helpful knowledge to small business owners across the country.


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