Amazon Customer Service Gets Five Stars Once Again!

I’ve talked a few times about how much I love Amazon.  There’s a good reason (actually many of them) that, whenever I look to make a purchase online, Amazon is always the first place I look.  While sometimes I do end up shopping elsewhere, usually for price, availability or otherwise, Amazon definitely gets a majority of our online business.

They came through yet again recently.

Last year, we bought a magazine subscription as a gift with a promo that Amazon was running that made it very cheap.  Everything went great.

A couple of months ago, I got an e-mail stating that, because I had purchased magazines from Amazon, that they were issuing a $5 promo code to be used anywhere on the site.

I thought that was pretty cool.

But, when I looked into the e-mail, I could tell that something was most likely wrong.  The promo code issued was ‘testing’.  Still, I gave it a try but sure enough, it was an invalid code.  I didn’t complain about it, but filed it away thinking that they’d probably get it right before I had a chance to get to it.

Sure enough, a couple of days later they sent an “Oops” e-mail, this time issuing an actual code.  It looked legit, so I kept it.

I made a couple of purchases in the mean time but actually sort of forgot about it until I was cleaning out my inbox and remembered.

I went to use it on a purchase and was disappointed to see that it came up as an ‘expired promotional code’.

I went back and read the e-mail and also clicked on the link that was provided that outlined the terms of usage.  Nowhere in there did it say anything about it being time sensitive or that it had to be used within xx number of days.  Since it was only about five weeks from when I got the e-mail, I figured it was worth a shout to their customer service e-mail to see if they would re-issue it, or if I had missed some fine print that made it clear it was supposed to have been used by the time I tried.

I outlined the situation pretty much as I just did, and within 48 hours I got a response.  They apologized for the situation, and indicated that they were issuing a $10 credit on my account, for which I didn’t have to enter a code and would not expire.

So, not only did they re-issue the $5 credit, they doubled it!

How awesome is that?!?

Way to go, Amazon.  Once again!

2 thoughts on “Amazon Customer Service Gets Five Stars Once Again!”

  1. Amazon customer service is the best. Easy, responsive, efficient. I never had a problem with them. They are my favorite.

  2. Amazon is awesome. Once I ordered a GPS from Amazon just before the holidays to take it for our road trip – but noticed that the GPS wouldn't arrive in time unless I chose expedited shipping.

    So I called Amazon – they upgraded for free to expedited shipping and I got the GPS in time! How cool is that!

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