Another Addition To The Beagle Household!!!

The big news: My wife had our second child.  On Wednesday evening, our beautiful daughter was welcomed into the world!  We now have a wonderful little son and a new little daughter! Life will surely be hectic but I couldn’t imagine anything better right now.  She and mom are both doing wonderfully.  My parents are taking care of Little Boy Beagle, who so far has pretty much ignored the new one, but that probably won’t last after we take her home!

Later, we get to take her home and begin another adventure of a lifetime, and normal as we know it gets completely re-defined.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

7 thoughts on “Another Addition To The Beagle Household!!!”

  1. woo hoo. Congrats. I'll make sure to get a little extra sleep this weekend on your behalf.

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