Apparently I’ve Been Using Too Much Soap

Part of our basement is finished, and the previous owners did not put carpeting down, but instead just painted the concrete floor.  Every so often, I mop the floors since they get dusty being a basement and all, not to mention the dust that is created from the nearby cat litter boxes.

When I mop, I’ve been using a bucket of hot water with a splash of Spic ‘N Span, figuring the soap would help keep things clean.

Yesterday, I decided to use just hot water to see if I could get it as clean without the soap.

Imagine my surprise when I began cleaning and after a couple of rinses, the water in the bucket was sudsy.

Not just a little sudsy, but we’re talking a lot of suds.

Turns out, even though I thought I was using a little bit of soap, I was using too much, and was leaving some probably both on the floor and on the mop.

So, frugal lesson learned: Don’t overuse the soap and skip the soap every other time to use up any residual soap that may have remained.

2 thoughts on “Apparently I’ve Been Using Too Much Soap”

  1. I like it. Just consider your basement floor "pre-soaped" until the clear water quits turning soapy. My basement is a true basement (grungy), and the floor wouldn't understand what soap is. 🙂

  2. That's exactly what I'm going to do, Joe! No soap for awhile and even after that, I'll probably cut the amount of soap I use down in half and then only use it once every other or every third time.

    Though the soap isn't that expensive (I get it at the dollar store), it will still save in soap usage over time.

    That, and I wonder if the spike in my cats throwing up that I noticed a couple of weeks ago might have had something to do with the soap. They go down there for eating, drinking, and littering, and if they were walking on a floor with soap buildup, and then cleaning themselves off like cats do, they could have been inadvertently ingesting soap, which maybe was leading to an upset tummy. I've been brushing them more often, which I'll continue to still do, but I'm thinking maybe the reduced soap will also lead to a reduction in the horking.

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