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Michael Jones

Auto Loan Expert

Michael Jones got his start as a personal finance guru working with credit repair companies after college, where he did his undergraduate work in economics before getting an MBA in accounting. During this time, he realized how much money people spend on cars and car loans. Since that time, he’s made it his personal mission to make sure everyone can get the vehicle they need at a price they can afford. He takes his decade of experience with financial products into account whenever he writes for Auto.Loan.

While Michael wants to help people understand all parts of the auto financing process, he pays special attention to helping people understand the total cost of a car. That includes things like interest rates, maintenance, depreciation, and more. As a result, he’s one of the top experts people turn to when they’re considering the best way to find and pay for a new car.

When Michael isn’t helping people get the best possible deal on a new auto loan, he focuses on spending time with his wife and two children. They enjoy going for hikes and picnics together. Michael also spends his free time volunteering with a local high school speech team and attending conferences on auto and personal finance topics, as he never wants to stop learning.