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Sean Michaels

Credit Repair Expert

Sean brings a decade worth of experience in credit repair to our company. Sean started his career working in an accounting department for a major credit card company. This was a natural fit, given his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting.

However, during his time working for the credit card company, he became aware of the challenges that many people face in their daily lives because they have a less than perfect credit score. He realized that his natural talents and insider look at the credit industry gave him the ability to help people improve their lives. This led Sean to begin a new career in financial advice and writing, with the goal of helping normal, everyday consumers get the most out of their hard-earned money.

His insightful articles provide in-depth information on credit repair. He has worked with hundreds of people like you and he knows what’s the best path to take to improve your credit rating. [2020 BBB Review & More] [2020 BBB Review & More] is one of the most popular credit repair services today. That’s not surprising, given how important credit scores are in the modern age. This article will explain why the services offers are valuable.

TransUnion Credit Report Dispute: Online Form, Phone Number & Address

When negative information shows up on your credit report, and it shouldn’t be there, you have options. TransUnion is one of the “big three” credit reporting bureaus. This article will explain how you can check your TransUnion credit report. We’ll also go over how you can dispute false and harmful information on your report. Finally, we’ll give you all the contact information you need to protect your credit.

What is Considered a Good Credit Score Range?

What is Considered a Good Credit Score Range?

Your credit score is a solitary number that symbolizes your trustworthiness as a debtor when you apply for a loan. It’s also a gauge of how someone would view you if he intends lending you money.

Repossessions and Credit Scores

Repossession of property is something of a specter that haunts the financial imagination. There is a great deal of confusion regarding what repossession actually is and how it works. This confusion has created complications when it comes to understanding how different things affect your credit score.

P2P Lending and Credit Card Debt

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past two decades. Every industry has been affected by the increased connection, speed of communication, and data processing abilities computers offer. One industry that has taken full advantage of the tools modern technology offers is the financial industry.

Medical Credit Cards and Credit Scores

Access to quality healthcare has been getting more expensive every year. This trend has lead to the rise of a new type of financial product, the medical credit card. These card offers seem to be at every doctor, dentist, and specialist office in the country.

Medical Bills and Credit Repair

Medical debt is one of the fastest growing categories of debt in this country. People are having a challenging time paying for the health care they need for themselves and their families.

How do Student Loans Affect Credit Score?

The cost of college has never been higher. Moreover, it’s becoming more difficult to get a quality job without a college degree. As a result of these two trends, more people than ever before are taking out student loans.

Holiday Debt and Credit Scores

Holiday Debt and Credit Scores

With the holidays approaching we thought that consumers would like some advice about how holiday debt can affect their credit score. The holidays are one of the biggest drivers for debt, as people want to give their families and loved ones the gifts that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Credit Scores and Credit History

Credit Scores and Credit History

Everyone knows that there’s a mix of factors that are used to determine your credit score. Moreover, everyone also understands that your credit score is an important number. Your credit score influences whether or not you’ll be eligible for different types of financial products like loans and credit.

Credit Repair for Mortgages

A house is more than a structure, it’s a place where you build your life with your family and friends. However, economic hardship and poor financial choices can make it seem as if you’ll never be able to afford a house of your own.

Credit Repair for Car Loans

Everyone needs to have a reliable car in the modern age. So much of what we do requires that we travel distances that are only practically achievable by owning a car. However, recent economic troubles and other factors mean that many people have less than perfect credit. This bad credit history can create serious complications when you need to take out a loan on a new car. We’ll explain what happens when you try to get a car loan with bad credit, why it’s easier and better to get a car loan for people with good credit, and how credit repair services can help.

Credit Repair and Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loans are the fastest growing source of debt in the United States. More people than ever are going to college, and the cost of college has soared to record levels. This has created a situation where the only way that college is an option for many people is to take out student loans.

Credit Repair and Debt Collection

Everyone knows that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Almost everyone has been in a place where they’re having a hard time covering their bills. Unfortunately, this can lead to complications for the future, even if you’re only dealing with a temporary setback. One of the biggest problems that falling behind on your bills can cause is being sent to a collection agency.

Building Credit: Your Child’s First Credit Card

There are several milestones that parents both look forward to and dread for their children. Graduating from high school means a child is ready to become an adult and go to college, but also usually means they’ll be leaving the house for the first time. Getting a driver’s license means a new sense of freedom, and someone else to run errands, but comes with a host of risks and expenses. One milestone that many parents don’t consider is their child’s first credit card.

4 Steps to Repair Your Credit

Credit and credit scores can be a confusing aspect of life. However, the fact that they are confusing doesn’t make a credit score any less important. Credit scores are used to determine a great many things, from eligibility for loans and lines of credit and what kind of terms you get offered on financial products to things like employment and job offers.

Handling Debt from Medical Bills

It only takes one unexpected medical emergency to turn your personal finances upside down. Did you know that unexpected medical bills are the cause of about 2 million bankruptcies a year? Even if you have health insurance, you may experience a condition that is not covered and could wind up costing your family everything. If you have a medical bill that is more than 90 days past due, it will likely be turned over to a collections agency, which is a major ding to your credit score.