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Find the Best Personal Loan for Your Needs

What is Avant?

Avant is a financial company that was built in Chicago in 2012. They are an online lending platform. Since their launch, they have helped over 600,000 members with personal loans. Although a fairly new company they have remained committed to supporting the financial needs of their clients.

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Do They Offer Personal Loans?

With over 500 employees, providing transparent and reasonable personal loans is a common interest amongst their personnel. Their services are geared towards supporting consumers of various financial backgrounds, especially those of middle class.

If your annual income is at least $40,000 a year, you can expect to receive assistance from Avant. Avant is dedicated to providing support to persons with various credit scores. Consumers with a low credit score can anticipate receiving support from this company.

Personal loans are offered to individuals for a number of reasons. Whether it is to cover daily living costs, outstanding expenditures, personal pleasures such as a vacation or any other reason, Avant lends financial support. Primarily though, many of the individuals that reach out to this company seek personal loans for debt consolidation.

The loan amounts offered by Avant range from $2,000 to $35,000. The usual APR offered for personal loans is 9.95% to 35.99%. The loan term typically extends 2-5 years.

The advantage of this company is that they are forgiving. Late fees are applied for a missed payment. However, they are reversed after Avant has received three-consecutive payments.

How Do I Apply?

Before completely applying for a loan with Avant, consumers have the option to view loan options. By inputting basic information such as name, address, employee, income details and etcetera, a soft credit check is performed. Once concluded, individuals will receive information about the loans available.

Avant does charge applicants an origination fee of 4.75% for initiating a new loan request. However, once the application is completed, individuals can see what is available to them. Once an option has been chosen, a final hard credit check is performed before the funds are given to the applicant.


Despite being a new company, Avant has managed to help many borrowers. According to consumer reviews, they are a reputable company that consistently provides their clients with satisfactory service. They have been recognized as amazing, and individuals have spoken highly of their level of commitment.