Baby Furniture On The Way!

We received good news that the baby furniture we ordered will be delivered on Thursday! Just in time for our second baby shower. Both my mom and my mother-in-law were generous enough to throw us a baby shower. The first was last weekend and the second is this coming weekend. We need the space to start putting away clothes and such, so the furniture will be great.

One thing I could not imagine is skipping the assembly fee. For an extra $25 they are assembling the furniture. I’ve heard horror stories about cribs taking hours and having parts that don’t seem to fit or are left over. The $25 was a luxury expense, but I already know it was money well spent.

All I hope is that they don’t send a delivery guy like we got for our bedroom furniture in 2007. It was a different store, but they came to put things together, and one of the guys was a complete klutz. He scratched our bed rail, the headboard, AND dropped the mirror. They had to come back to replace all three items.

Let’s just hope he hasn’t caught on with a job delivering baby furniture!

We are just about a month away!