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Find the Best Personal Loan for Your Needs

Who is Bank of the West?

Providing commercial banking, regional banking, wealth management and national finance, Bank of the West has been providing financial value and service for over 135 years. With humble beginnings as the Farmers National Gold Bank of San Jose, in 1874, Bank of the West grew to a $2.62 billion-dollar revenue as of 2008 with over 10,500 employees.

Bank of the West Personal Loans Review

What type of loans do they offer?

Bank of the West offers multiple different loans servicing Midwestern and Western United States residents towards their ideal financial goals. Currently, Bank of the West offers:

Covering personal loans, Bank of the West offers flexible loans ranging from $2,000 to $50,000. Whether you need to cover medical bills, finish home improvements, or take a needed vacation, Bank of the West trusts its customers by supplying unsecured personal loans. Each term can range up to 60 months, at a fixed rate, with no prepayment penalty.

More so, a borrower is eligible for a 0.25% discount when they set up an automatic payment from their Bank of the West checking account, allowing you to never miss a payment.

The Benefits of Bank of The West

The benefits of Bank of the West allow for leeway when applying for a personal loan through their unsecured personal loan options. Choose your ideal personal loan and period of the loan with no collateral needed. More so, by choosing Bank of the West as your primary checking account financial institution, you are eligible for payment discounts.

Application Process

For those interested in a Bank of the West personal loan, or any of their many loan options, the application process is simple and hassle-free. Simply, submit a bank loan application by calling or visiting a local Bank of the West banking branch. Over the application has gone through, you will be notified immediately. Shortly after you have been approved, you are required to finish the paperwork at your local Bank of the West branch, and then celebrate.

To better prepare yourself, have on hand asset information, debt information, Social Security Number or a Taxpayer ID Number, and 2 years of verifiable income history.

Christine has a solid background in personal finance as she spent the last eight years working at one of the biggest banks in the US. She managed her own team of financial advisors that helped hundreds of people with their financing needs. Her innate understanding of different financial products and loans helped her move up the ranks quickly after graduating with a degree in Business Administration.