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AAA Auto Loan & Refinance Rates

Michael Jones

Auto Loan Expert

AAA Auto Loan Rates


Used Car Loan APR


New Car Loan APR

AAA offers excellent car loan services in any area near you.
Auto loan refinancing is limited to buyers with good credit history.
AAA boasts a car buying service simplifies your car shopping experience, offering you great deals that work for you in the long run. For these reasons, AAA earns good ratings in our review.
AAA auto loan rates

Through certified dealers and the robust AAA Car Buying Service, you will be looking forward to your next car buying experience.

What is unique about the AAA auto loan service is how fast the application is. All you need is a stable internet connection to complete the online application in about five minutes. The AAA Mobile App can connect you to various certified dealers around you.

You can access your online account from anywhere in the world and keep track of your purchases efficiently. Additional financing options are also available for you.

AAA Auto Car Loans

Every member of AAA will testify to the flexible AAA auto loan and competitive loan rates. The competitive loan rates are similar for both used and new cars. From as low as 1.79% on automatic payments to the usual 2.04% standard bank charge. With AAA auto car loans, you can purchase a new car that costs at least $35,000 with the standard bank charge of 2.04% and enjoy affordable, stress-free monthly payments of $760.

New Car and Used Car Loan Rates

For privileged members of AAA, you can receive an auto car loan before you even have time to get to your nearest car showroom. For new cars, depending on the payment period from 36 months to 72 months, the loan rate can lie between 1.49% and 2.74%. Between the same periods for used cars, the loan rate could lie between 1.99% and 3.49% only. Used car rates are higher than new car rates to compensate for the possibility of repossession.

 Auto Loan Refinancing

Auto loan refinancing is an excellent way to lower the loan rate or reduce the monthly payments of the car you wish to purchase. However, refinancing your car loan should not be a matter you take lightly. To be able to enjoy auto loan refinancing, you have to have good credit, to begin with. Refinancing will not cost you anything at all regarding pre-payments. Also, there are no application fees for auto loan refinancing. From this point of view, you have everything to gain.

In Brief

AAA has provided the tools and means to helping you find the best car available. From the online Car Buying Service to the competitive loan rates and the option of auto loan financing, you have the right resources for a productive future.