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PNC Auto Loan & Refinance Rates

Christine Spencer

Auto Loan Expert

PNC Auto Loan Rates


Auto Loan Refinance APR


New Car Loan APR


Used Car Loan APR

PNC has a wide range of tools that ensures that your banking is easy, safe and very convenient.
The bank charges fees for late payments and returned payments if your payment is retuned due to insufficient funds.
Guaranteeing you the confidence to make vital financial decisions, PNC has services which guide you into the best financial choices for you, your family or your business.
PNC Auto Loan Rates

For a long time, PNC has provided powerful and great financial expertise to its clients helping each and one of them meet their financial goals. Up to date, it still makes its clients happy with wide range of services it offers. From individuals to corporations, PNC has the financial solutions. Small business too are covered by the bank.

PNC Auto loans

Auto loans offered by the company are very convenient and have very low rates. You are able to keep the car you love and at the same time lower your payments with the refinancing auto loan service.

For a term of 48 months, PNC`s auto loan refinance Annual Percentage rate (APR) is 3.49% and 3.64% for a 60 month term.

Used car loans go for APRs of 3.44% for 60 month term and 3.89% for a 72 month term.  An APR of 2.69% is offered for a new car loan with a 60 month term. 72 months new car loan has an APR of 3.39% which is slightly higher than the one with a 60 month term.

Application and repayment

PNC offers online-based applications which are approved in less than 15 minutes. Filling the form is easy and has step by step instructions to guide you through the entire process. Once you get an approval notification, you receive a check in the mail and thus you are allowed to shop the same way a cash customer shops.

When you are due to pay back, you are required pay the bank for the auto loan. The repayment is done directly to PNC bank. Payment can be done by mail or online.

Customer service

The bank`s representatives prioritize their clients and treats them with respect. The bank understands the clients’ needs and strives to deliver excellent service and insights into the best financial decisions.


PNC has strong values which are vital to its success as it strives to find new ways through its products to provide the best possible solutions to its clients, community and shareholders.