Be Versitile With Your Furniture Purchases

We have quite a smattering of furniture from IKEA around our house.  With kids, it’s cheap and sturdy and decorative enough that we have made good use of it.

Recently, my wife and I decided that the storage we had for kids toys in the upper level of our house wasn’t working.  It consisted of a big bin at the end of the hallway.  While it worked when my wife first put it there, it quickly wore out its welcome.

We aren’t a huge fan of putting kids toys all around their room but we want some toys

upstairs as we spend enough time up there to warrant some toys for both kids.  In other words, we like the hallway idea, just not the way it was.

We were thinking about what to get, and came up with a ‘cube’.  It’s basically a shelf with four square openings.  For $40 it was on our list.

When we got to the store and were looking, my wife broached the idea of getting a white unit since the hallway is slightly darker since there are no direct windows there.

I thought about it for a minute, and then suggested that no, we should get the black-brown unit as we had originally planned.

Why?  Because most of the other furniture we have around the house is black-brown.  We have a few different styles and the furniture serves different purposes, so it’s not like we have a house full of the same stuff in every room, but the stuff we do have is along the same color line.

By getting the same color shelving unit, we could re-purpose this into any other room of the house and it would fit in with the stuff we have.

We have bookshelves and TV stand in the family room.

We have a TV stand and coffee table in the basement play room.

We have a bedroom set in my son’s room.

It even comes close enough to the dark wood stuff we have in our daughter’s room.

In other words, this would match just about anything should the time come that the end of the hallway is no longer going to be used for this.  If we got white it would match…..well, nothing.

Once we discussed this benefit, it was a no-brainer.  And once we got it home, we realized that it looked great.  Now would a decorator or home magazine or even a realtor looking to market the place think that it did?

Probably not. But we’re cool with it, so it remains until one day it needs a new home.  And it likely will have one since it matches!

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  1. Versitile furniture is key! I have seen too many people buy a “fashionable” sofa or dining table… only to decide a couple of years later that it no longer fits their style – so they sell it – at a HUGE loss!

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