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Anne Miller

Anne Miller

Senior Author

Anne Miller

Senior Author

The dawn of the internet has brought about radical changes in the way that we consume information. It is now easier than ever to learn how to start a business – there is a wealth of information online that can help you get off the ground. Previously, starting a business would have entailed arduous research and contact with local officials, lawyers, and accountants. Now all this information is easily available through a variety of reliable online sources. In addition, you can get great advice from other business owners on how to deal with particular situations you may come across in your day-to-day operations. One of the major components of this online community is the blogging community. We’ve compiled some descriptions of the best online business blogs currently available on the internet.


Best Business BlogsIf you’ve recently started a business and find it hard to keep your expenses down, WiseBread should be one of the first stops on your blog list. This awesome business blog is run by a range of different writers who impart wisdom on how to best save money and cut costs within your business. It also has a personal finance section which is unrelated to business operations. Finding cost effective ways to operate is one of the hardest things to do if you’re a new business owner. Don’t try and approach the subject alone, WiseBread can give you the tools you need to reduce your overall operational expenditure.

All Business

All Business is a bit of a one-stop-shop when it comes to a business blog. They have writers who provide material on almost any business topic or industry you can imagine. They help their readers better understanding marketing, logistics, finance, staffing, technology, and various other subjects. They have a great collection of experts that frequently contribute honest and informative content. Many of their main contributors have started major companies and have vast experience across a wide variety of industries. This is one of the best business blogs on the web.


Entrepreneur is not your traditional business blog as it doesn’t exclusively contain instructions on how to operate a business. Instead, it provides constantly updated stories and case studies that show real world problems or solutions that business owners may have. It’s a great way to keep updated on trends and stay informed about potential issues you may face as a business owner. is a major company and therefore has the resources to provide cutting edge information and advice – some of their contributors are some of the most successful business owners on the planet. If you do decide to read Entrepreneur, you should make sure that you frequently keep up with it. It has a lot of interesting information but is most effective for readers who constantly follow the stories and case studies on the site.

Small Biz Survival

Small Biz Survival is a niche blog that will appeal to those running small businesses in rural areas or small towns. The blog was started years ago by Becky McCray, who is a small business owner herself. It details the various problems she faced, and outlines solutions that she found effective. The site has grown in recent years and now has a number of credible contributors that all offer advice and information about owning a small business in a small town. This is a really great resource if you happen to fall into this niche. Becky has done an awesome job of covering a previously uncovered area of business. Many larger business blogs don’t have the understanding of running a small business in a rural area. If you do plan on opening a business in a small town, make sure you read this blog first.


Copyblogger is another niche business blog that focuses on the marketing aspect of business – more specifically the online marketing aspect of business. If you have an online business and you feel you aren’t getting enough exposure, this blog can help you better understand how internet marketing works. It provides information on online marketing tools, as well as how copywriting effectively can improve your overall performance in terms of online sales. This blog has been around for years and has developed into one of the leading resources on the internet for its subject.

Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is an awesome business blog that covers a wide array of topics. As its name suggests, the blog is focused on keeping business owners up to date with the most recent trends in small business. It outlines various new technologies and how they may be able to improve your current business function. This is a great resource to keep up-to-date with as it has constant insightful updates every day. Many small business owners don’t realize how important it can be to keep up with the latest news and information in the business community. Not being on top of the latest trends can be costly – the business that is most aware of the commercial environment is the one that lasts the longest.

The Entrepreneurial Mind

The Entrepreneurial Mind is an awesome blog that has great resources for people who are considering starting a business – there’s also great information for those who already own one. The website was started by Dr. Jeff Cornwall who is a well-regarded professor of entrepreneurship at Belmont University. His authority in the subject area provides interesting insights into business performance. He provides you with the tools you need to start and run a successful small business. In addition, there is a great forum on the website that allows the community members to discuss various topics that they may be having trouble with.


There a plenty of great business blogs on the web, finding the one that is right for you will depend on the type of business that you own. Make sure to stay updated with business trends by keeping tabs on a few of the blogs mentioned in this article. As a forward thinking business owner you should always be looking for new ways to learn – adapting to the business environment is the key to outlasting your competition.

Anne Miller

Anne is a Senior Author for SBL. She began her career as an independent consultant for local businesses after graduating with a BA in Management. Since that time, she’s expanded to writing as well as consulting to spread helpful knowledge to small business owners across the country.


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