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With the cost of products getting higher, it is logical to find ways to save money. And of the ways that people do this is by extreme couponing.

But there’s one problem with that: extreme couponing is a young man’s game. Perusing magazines, coupon books, and newspapers to find coupons to clip? It’s all very time consuming and tiring.

Fortunately, there’s a way for you to get potentially massive discounts with your purchases without losing all the time and energy you could have spent with your family or friends.


As an effort to keep up with the digital world, many companies have now created digital coupons usually available through their website or through their coupon app.

Get all the savings you can get with extreme couponing with zilch the effort with our list of the best coupon apps of 2020:



Why Shopkick?

  • Gives users the chance to earn points and/or rewards without the need to shop.
  • You can get alerts on the latest deals on your phone.
  • It has the same features and benefits of a coupon app but also great for avid window shoppers.
  • It is a geo-centric app that lets you make the most of your favorite brands and stores.

Try Shopkick

1. Shopkick


It rewards window shopping.

It updates you with the latest deals.


It can drain your battery as you need to turn on your data for it to track your movements.

When you go into stores, do you like to just look around? While this used to be considered a problem, you can say that you’re trying to get a discount. That’s how it works with Shopkick – the perfect app for avid window shoppers.

Don’t kick that old habit yet because by simply browsing around different stores, you earn points with this app. This rewards program may be unique, but Shopkick still has the basic features of a coupon app. By creating an account with them, you will always be updated with the latest deals on your favorite brands.



Why Ibotta?

  • It works differently than other coupons app because discount is given after purchase.
  • It is a mixture of the features of a coupon and rebate app.
  • It has a low payment threshold of $20 that you can transfer to your Paypal account.
  • You do not even have to bring your phone when you do your shopping.

Try Ibotta

2. Ibotta


Easy to use. It’s like couponing without bringing the coupons.

View your savings anytime. Keep track of your savings which appear as rebates.


You get the discount after purchase. It’s not ideal for people who are relying on coupons to buy everything.

You can’t get your rebates without a PayPal account.

Ibotta works both as a coupon app and a rebate app. Once you reach a savings of $20, you can transfer the amount to your PayPal account.

While all coupon apps can claim that they make couponing easier, none of them does it as good as Ibotta. With this grocery app, you don’t even have to bring your phone with you when you go out.

You simply select the coupons that you want to use before shopping and scan your receipt when you get home. And within 24 hours, your savings would reflect on the app.

Best Coupon App



This app has one of the widest variety of coupons available.

Their service is available outside US as well.


There’s no standard way of redeeming the apps.

One of the most popular coupons app today, remains to be a viable choice for all bargain hunters out there. Unlike other coupon apps attempting to reinvent the wheel, it’s not all bells and whistles. The app is highly focused on giving you what you’re looking for: discounts and savings from your favorite stores and sites.

As accommodates the largest number of manufacturers and retailers out there, how you can redeem your savings may differ depending on who issued the coupons. So, it may take a little more effort on your part to get your discount.

4. Groupon


It goes beyond mere discounts on products or grocery items.

It is known for massive discounts on its promotional values.


Most of their promotions are only available for a limited time.

Groupon may already share the spotlight with other big players, but it has remained its competitive edge. Read on and find out how does Groupon work.

If you’re thinking about going out of town or eating out at your favorite resto to relax, no coupon app can match Groupon. A lot of coupon apps today are focused on giving discounts on physical products. But with this one, you can find deals on a relaxing massage, on a popular dish in a restaurant, food delivery service, or a ski trip.

Definitely, it is the coupon app for adventure seekers and everyone who wants to experience the world.

5. Yowza


More reliable coupons. The retailers themselves upload the coupons you see.

Location-based. You’ll see deals you won’t normally see with a nationally-based app.


Its selection is not as big as with other apps.

If you prefer smaller local stores to national chains, Yowza is the perfect app for you. While it is meant for localized searching, it also allows you to view offers in different cities so you can save coupons and prepare for your trip before you get there.

With over 70,000 retailers constantly uploading valid coupons on the app, your favorite independent and national retailers are sure to be on this app. People may be turned off by the relatively limited number of deals you’ll find on Yowza, but it more than makes up for it through the quality and usability of coupons where they may be redeemed.


6. SnipSnap


This app streamlines your whole coupon hunting process.

It has a lot of useful features that makes couponing easier for you.


Its deals are not as exhaustive as you’d find in other apps.

SnipSnap thought of the whole couponing experience in coming up with each of its features.

Haven’t transitioned fully to digital couponing? SnipSnap serves as your virtual coupon binder. Aside from digital coupons available through their app, you can also scan paper coupons to digitize them. It also arranges your coupons by expiration date and notifies you when you walk into a store you have a coupon for.

While there are apps that cover a wider range of deals, only a few can give you the convenience that SnipSnap does. If you find something you want to buy, you can take a picture of it in the app and it will find a coupon for that product. It will even tell you if it’s cheaper to buy in-store or online.

Best Coupon App

7. RetailMeNot


It has coupon codes that you won’t see on the retailer’s website.

It is affiliated with major retail stores and chains that a lot of people usually go to.


You have to click to reveal the coupon code before copying it.

If you’re a big fan of online shopping, you can’t afford to miss out on RetailMeNot.

See that box for a coupon code? Don’t leave it empty. Check first with their app and you might just save a little bit on your purchase. With their app, it’s all about giving you the sweetest deal out there. What they have more than just a compilation of already-existing coupons from different sites. They also have some coupons that you can find only through the app.

There may be some downsides like the codes can’t be used in-store, but if you do everything online anyway, it won’t matter.

8. Checkout51


It allows non-couponers to get the same savings as someone who coupons.

It finds the relevant coupons for you.


You’re forced to scan your receipt right away to maximize savings.

Just because you feel awkward showing up with lots of digital coupons at the cash register, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on great savings. Even if you’ve never used a coupon your entire life, you can still get discounts on your purchases. With Checkout51, that becomes possible.

After you do your shopping, scan your receipt and the app will find the applicable deals for you. You’ll receive rebates which can be sent to you as a check once you reach $20. If you tend to overspend when you see a great deal, this coupon app prevents that as you have no idea what coupons can be redeemed right now.

9. Yipit


It shows you all the available deals on different sites.

From all the available coupons, it shows you which gets you the biggest discounts.


It doesn’t let you search for coupons outside your area.

Do you know what’s one of the most irritating things about signing up with a daily deals website? Getting tons of emails that don’t even apply to you. Yipit is different; it only shows deals that are relevant to you. Meaning, if it isn’t near you, you probably won’t see it.

This coupon app combines the reach of different couponing sites and apps (and even deals from the retailers’ social media sites!) and brings them all to you in one place. And so you don’t have to compare the coupons for every product you’re interested in, they tell you which one will you save you the most money.

10. GroceryIQ


It can works with many loyalty cards.

It allows you to create and save shopping lists on the app.


Some of the coupons still need to be printed out.

If you use coupons almost exclusively with your grocery shopping, GroceryIQ helps you get coupons for your purchases and in effect lowers the odds of impulse purchases. In this coupon app, you create a list. And from that list, it searches coupons from the stores you usually go to.

It won’t even be a problem if you and your spouse alternate on getting the groceries because for as long as he/she has the app too, you can sync your lists. Making this app the ultimate grocery shopping tool is its voice entry feature, allowing you to add things to your list even when you’re driving.

Your loyalty cards can also be scanned with the app, so instead of bringing out all your cards at checkout, you only need to scan your phone. Pretty neat, right?

11. GasBuddy


It lets you find the cheapest gas in your area.

According to them, their users save $340 a year on average.


You only get savings when you use the GasBuddy card.

Ever had that feeling of regret when you pass by a gas station with cheaper prices right after you’ve filled up your tank? That won’t be a problem anymore once you get GasBuddy which will find you the cheapest gas prices near you. You can save even more by getting the GasBuddy card, allowing you to enjoy five cents per gallon all-year round.

This card serves as a payment card which is linked to your checking account. And while there is no coupon per se, it gives you the only deal you need: cheaper gas.

Best Coupon App

12. GoodRx


It finds where you can get your prescription for the lowest price.

It offers coupons that can drop prescription drug costs even more.


It can be used for buying prescription medication only

Anyone who is on prescription meds know that the costs can really dent your budget. While you can’t just stop taking your meds, you can do the next best thing: make sure that you’re always getting the best deal on them with GoodRx. This app finds pharmacies that offer the prescription drug you need and lists its cost on these places. All you need to do is type the name of your prescription drug and your ZIP code, and the app does its magic.

And because they have coupons integrated in the app as well, you can get your meds even for a lower price.

Coupon Apps


a Reason to Overspend

While coupon apps are incredibly helpful especially when you’re working on a tight budget, they can do more harm than good if not used right. One of the biggest couponing traps I’ve seen people fall into is spending on things they don’t need at all. When they feel that a deal is too good to pass on (regardless of its use for them), they go for it.

To avoid mounds of credit card debt from unnecessary purchases, make a list of things that you have to buy and stick with it. Make your coupon app work for you, not the other way around. No matter how good a deal you think it is, spending on something you don’t need is always expensive.


Best Coupon Apps

Below, you will find our coupon app recommendations.

What is the best coupon app?

In the article above, we have listed different options that you may try. In choosing take into account your consumer habits as well.

What is a good coupon app?

Are you a coupon stacker? Do you simply want to save a few bucks off your purchase? Do you want an app that has every product you’re looking for? There are a lot of good coupon apps out there, so it would depend on your priorities.

What is the best coupon app for groceries?

If you get all your groceries in one place, the best would definitely that store’s coupon app. But if you’re truly in search for serious savings, give Yowza a try.

What is the best coupon app for Android?

As most, if not all, apps are available on Android devices, you’d want to go back to the first question in this section. Please refer to the article for suggestions.

Is there a coupon app for iPhone?

There are a lot, actually. If it’s ever the case, it would be unsurprising to see a coupon app available in Android only.

Using Coupons Apps

If you want to know whether or a certain coupons app exist, refer to the questions below.

What fast food apps have coupons?

Most large fast food chains have them. These include McDonald’s, Hardee’s, Chili’s, Quiznos, and a lot more.

Can you use coupons app with Kindle Fire?

No. As Kindle Fire uses Amazon’s app store, you won’t find the variety of coupon apps that are available on Google Play Store.

Do automatic coupon apps work?

Yes. Instead of hunting for the best deals yourself, you can look at just one app to find the best deals.

Different Coupons Apps

In this section, you will find familiar coupons app names as well as concerns and questions on how you can use them.

Can I use multiple McDonald’s app coupons?

No. But one way to get around this is having a friend with you to use another coupon.

Can I use McDonald’s app coupons in store?

Yes. Tap “redeem” on the coupon you want to use, then scan your phone when your order. The discount should reflect on your receipt.

Can I use McDonald’s app coupons on self-order?

You should be able to, but as a lot of users have been experiencing problems with it (the discount is not applied, they’re experiencing glitches, etc.), you’re better off doing it on the counter. Remember you can also get some fast food deliveried and use coupons for that too. For example check out Grubhub reviews for what restaurants participate.

How do I use Burger King app coupons?

On the BK app, tap “Coupons.” After that, you can select the coupon you want to use and redeem the discount at any participating Burger King restaurant.

Does Wendy's app have coupons?

Yes. Like many fast food chains, Wendy’s app also offers customers who downloaded their app coupons.

Do some Wendy’s not take the app’s coupons?

Unless otherwise stated, you may consider your app coupons valid at your local Wendy’s branch.

Can I use coupons on Walmart Grocery app?

Yes. However, you can only use app coupons, not manufacturer’s coupons.

Does the Walmart app have coupons?

Yes. Your Walmart app has coupons that you can either use for online purchases or print to redeem in-store.

Does Walmart have an app for digital coupons?

No. However, their digital coupons are incorporated into the app already.

How do I use app?

There are three ways that you can get discounts through app: printing the coupons, loading the digital coupons to your loyalty card from, and receiving cash back when you take a picture of your receipt to the app.

How do I print from app?

Search for “Printable Coupons.” After you’ve selected the coupons you want to print, tap the “Clipped Coupons” then select “Print.” If you don't have enough ink for printer needs like this then we have recommendations.

How does app work? combines discount offers from a wide variety of sellers and manufacturers from a wide variety of products. As it is not a store- or brand-specific coupons app, you’ll have a greater selection than what you normally see in a regular app. Take a look at more legit apps to make money when you shop.

How do I use Kroger app coupons?

You load your Kroger app coupons to your loyalty card. Then, when you purchase those discounted items on Kroger, you’ll see your discounts on the receipt.

How do I use Costco coupons app?

There’s no Costco coupons app. The coupons are already integrated in the Costco app, allowing you convenience and savings in one place.

How does Costco coupon app work?

To redeem coupons via app, simply tap the “Warehouse Coupon Offers” and show it to the cashier.

How do I use Flipp app coupons?

Flipp app is one of the easiest to use because it really is as easy as tapping the in the Circulars section which lists the coupons available today and in a few weeks.

How do I print coupons from Flipp app?

You can’t. As of now, the Flipp app is not compatible with wireless printing. You may print your coupons from desktop.

How do I save Groupon coupon from the Groupon app in Android?

As of now, the “Favorite” tag which essentially serves the purpose of saving a particular deal is available for iPad customers only.

How do I use Walgreens app coupons?

In order to use the coupons, you need to have your Balance Rewards Card added to your account. After that, you can “Clip” the coupons you like which loads it directly to your card.

Can Walgreens app coupons be combined with manufacturer's coupons?

Yes. However, you cannot use their in-ad coupons as they’re considered Walgreens coupons too.

What is the Honey coupon app?

As they declare, what Honey offers is essentially free money. They compile coupons, vouchers, and the like which you can redeem.

Does Honey coupon app work?

Yes, it works. Their app has received praises from bargain hunters and people on the budget who can’t spend lots of time hunting for the best deal.

How do I use BJ's app coupons?

Your BJ’s app coupons may be redeemed by loading them to your membership card (which saves you both time and money) or by adding the coupons using the + sign.

How does Krazy Coupon Lady app work?

Aside from your usual app which allows you to buy and coupon in the same place, the Krazy Coupon Lady app also gives you pro tips and tricks on how you can up your couponing game.

How do I use Amazon app coupons?

With Amazon, there will be an assigned promotional code before check out that you have to enter. Only after which would you see the discounted price. Remember you can also shop through Amazon Smile. Learn more about how to set up Amazon Smile.

How do I use Dollar General coupon app?

Load the coupons to your account. Then, after you shop, enter the mobile number associated with your account to the payment screen.

How do I use Genie coupons on app?

Genie coupons app is not available in the United States. You may be referring to My Coupon Genie which also is a coupons app.

Is the Piggy coupon app safe?

Yes, it is. They clearly spell out their user privacy policy on what kind of information they get from you and store to their database.

Can I use my Michael’s app coupons to order online?

Yes, but their online coupons may only be used online. The same goes for their weekly flyer savings. We reviewed a number of other online shopping apps that might help you save too.

Can I use a Target app coupon more than once?

No. Using a particular coupon will render it useless for future transactions unless stated otherwise.

Can I use the Publix app coupons in-store?

Yes. However, you would have to print them first as they don’t accept coupons from mobile devices.

Does King Soopers have a coupon app?

Yes. They’re even pushing for the use of digital coupons available through their app.

Does Ralph’s accept coupons on apps?

Yes. Their general rule is digital coupons are first deducted to your total bill before paper coupons and other discounts.

Does the new Google Chrome app find coupons?

No. However, there are Chrome extensions that you can get which will do this for you.

How does Coupon Binder app work?

Like a physical coupon binder, this app organizes and tracks all your coupons as well as enters the coupon information on your behalf.

How does CVS app coupons work?

CVS app coupons are loaded to your card, and by entering the phone number linked to it, the discount will be deducted from your total.

How does the HEB coupon app work?

The HEB app “sends” the digital coupons to your mobile number. So, at check out, you can redeem them by entering your phone number and 4-digit PIN.

How does Safeway phone app work for coupons?

Like what a lot of stores have adopted, the Safeway phone app eliminates the need for paper coupons by allowing you to load coupons directly to your card.

How does the SnipSnap coupon app work?

SnipSnap lets you take a picture of a paper coupon to generate a digital version of it. You can also receive expiration reminders and location-based notifications using the app.

Other Questions/Issues with Coupons Apps

Below are questions that may not be related to the works of a coupons app on your end.

How do coupon apps make money?

Coupon apps serve as affiliate to different manufacturers and sellers. And as an affiliate, they receive commissions.

Are app coupons worth it?

Depends on how you’d use your coupons. If they’d encourage you to spend more than you have to, then they’d definitely be a bad idea.