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Best Credit Repair Services Review

We reviewed the best companies for credit repair.

Our Top Pick: Lexington Law

5 Stars

Overall Score:


Credit scores have become an important element of most people’s lives. They are used to consider whether applicants can purchase a house, get a job or even rent an apartment. There are many companies that offer to help you fix your credit but choosing amongst them can be difficult.

There are lots of credit repair companies and although there are federal protections against fraud, it is helpful to have some guidance as to the best companies out there. The following companies are well positioned to help customers go through the credit repair process.

Here's the Best Credit Repair Companies we found:

Lexington Law Review

  • Price: Lexington Law provides you with an opportunity to choose from the three different tiers of services, the first tier costs $79.95/month, $99.95/month and the last tier costs $119.95/month.
  • Cancellation: These services are billed on a monthly basis and can be revoked at any point.
  • Reputation: Lexington Law is the only repair service that is purely run by lawyers, hence, has a very strong reputation when compared to other repair services. In addition, it also has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Guarantee: They only charge you for work that has been done on your report.
  • Customer Service: Lexington Law has a very helpful customer service system such as their telephone service which is 24/7 along with their email and chat services.

The Credit People Review

  • Price: The Credit People let you get started for just $39. You can get the best possible results from them for $89 per month. There’s no other hidden fees or extra costs on top of that.
  • Cancellation: Credit People is a pay as you go service. That means you can cancel any time with no additional fees.
  • Reputation: Credit People have an excellent reputation online. That includes a 9.4 out of 10 rating with, a 4.5 on, and a 9.3 rating with Consumer’s Advocate.
  • Guarantee: If you cancel then you won’t be charged for that month’s service. Their flat-fee pricing comes with a full 6-month guarantee. This model has resulted in more than 100,000 happy customers.
  • Customer Service: Credit People offer online and phone registration. You get a free consultation and a dedicated account manager. You can file unlimited disputes. Their agents are responsive to phone and email and you get an online dashboard for 24/7 updates.

Credit Assistance Network Review

  • Price: Credit Assistance Network’s services offer you with a free credit analysis once you leave them with a contact information. However, it has an initial fee of $179 per individual and $279 per couple on the first payment.
  • Cancellation: Credit Assistance Network does not disclose cancellation details.
  • Reputation: Credit Assistance Network is among the few that has stood the test of time since 2004 and so, you can trust the company. In addition, it has helped more than 12,00 people in the past decade and gained BBB accreditation in 2004. They also have TrustWave validation, something that most repair services lack, along with a 4 Star rating from Trust Link.
  • Guarantee: Credit Assistance Network seriously complies to Federal and State Laws.
  • Customer Service: As a client, you get all-access 24/7 to a personal portal. In addition, you can reach them via a toll free phone, fax and email.

Sky Blue Review

  • Price: Sky Blue has the lowest prices with the initial fee of $59 and a monthly fee of $59.
  • Cancellation: Sky Blue’s services are billed on a monthly period and can be cancelled at any time.
  • Reputation: Sky Blue is one of the top credit repair services with an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau and some top ranking review sites.
  • Guarantee: Sky Blue is just but a few of repair services that have a full 90-day refund and they don’t ask for specific reasons for cancellation.
  • Customer Service: One of the most unique thing about Sky Blue is their customer service, they offer the best services so far with 24/7 feedback from the company, which is very unusual for a repair service company. Review

  • Price: has just one tier of service which includes all of their bells and whistles and this costs $99.95
  • Cancellation:’s fee is billed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.
  • Reputation: comes with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has a very solid reputation.
  • Guarantee: The one thing that has made most interesting is the fact that you will only be charged monthly once they have finished all the work you had agreed upon.
  • Customer Service: reduces the burden for customers as they are known to have an amazing and easy to use interface.

Features of the Best Credit Repair Companies

Working with Credit Repair companies guarantees you of the following:


Adjust any errors on your credit reports.


Help improve your FICO score.


Negotiate with your lenders by sending them letters of good faith to remove negative items.


Look for your credit report from the three credit bureaus that is Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.


Remove negative items on your credit reports through known loopholes.

Best Credit Repair Companies

How do Credit Repair services work?

Credit Repair services work by changing or removing items from your credit report that end up dragging down your credit score. These repair services look for ways of adjusting mistakes such as negotiating with lenders to remove or change the negative reporting, or utilizing lawful loopholes and credit reporting rules and regulations to remove any of the negative items placed there.

Of course, you can do this by yourself but working with professionals who are aware of the procedure and have done this for a long time have a better understanding of how credit works. However, unlike credit cards and online loans, there is no approval process when it comes to credit repair.

What Credit Repair Companies Do

The first thing they do is they assess your credit situation by evaluating the credit reports. You will have to provide all relevant documents and information to them.

Then, the company will provide you with a plan of action that thinks is best to improve your credit score whether it is fixing some errors or sending letters of good faith to your lenders to remove negative items.

Once you’ve gone through the plan, then you can give the company the green light. Bear in mind that at first, things will seem to be moving slowly, and this is because inquiries and contentions all at once can raise red flags with credit bureaus, hence, it is better to move slowly at first.

What kind of Credit Repair service can I expect to see?

This depends on your credit report. If you have a lot of errors like having some misreporting from your lenders or factual errors, then the services will start with fixing those errors.

However, if you have a good history of your credit usage in the past or even just in the past few years, the repair service will easily negotiate with your lenders ensuring that negative items are removed from your credit reports. With repair services, you do not have to worry about negative items that lenders would traditionally refuse to remove.

Credit Repair services work together with credit bureaus within 30 days to verify the information and have your negative items removed. These are just a few ways that Credit Repair services can help you remove negative items on your credit report.

What you need to know

Lexington Law Credit Repair

Sign up – Lexington Law

Ultimately, a credit relationship is based in a contract between the borrower and the creditor. That is why it is such an attractive option to use a company that has legal expertise to repair credit. The Lexington Law company has three levels of service: the initial is standard removal of inaccurate items and solicitation of credit forgiveness by the companies that have items listed on the report. The second level provides additional services and monitoring, and the third provides fraud protection, monitoring and some financial planning tools to avoid future credit issues. Their services are monthly and can be cancelled.

The fact that they are familiar with the federal laws that require credit agencies to be responsive to their inquiries and to remove items in a timely manner is an indisputable advantage to their services. The placement of items is also ruled by law, and their expertise and reputation can only be of value in negotiations. The most valuable quality is that they have the boldness of lawyers and the legal skills to back up their services.

The Credit People

Sign up – The Credit People

The Credit People seem to be a more direct and honest company than most. Their services are monthly and they offer a six-month flat fee cost with the option to cancel at any point. Their most attractive features are their seven-day $19.00 free trial period and their 100% money back guarantee. Their track record seems to show that they are prompt and efficient in their research and are often successful in identifying loopholes that allow negative items to be removed as well as negotiating with companies to remove items that may be legitimate but forgivable.

Credit Saint

Sign up – Credit Saint

This company has an A+ rating from the BBB, which is almost unattainable in this industry. They have several levels of service, mostly distinguished by their cost and intensity. They provide free consultations and seem very honest about the cost of their services. There is an initial fee of under $99, as well as monthly fees that vary from from $49.99 to $99.99 depending on which package is purchased. Unlimited reports, 24/7 free phone consultations with live representatives and a 90-day money back guarantee are some of the more attractive qualities of their services. Their reputation is sterling with their customers which is no doubt the best measure of their value.

Credit Assistance Network

Sign up – Credit Assistance Network

The Credit Assistance Network website is less than forthcoming about the details of their services. However, their 13-year tenure and their ratings with consumers speak well for their business. They have an up-to-date website with portal access that allows customers to follow the progress of their services 24/7, as well as email and one promised personal consultation with one of their agents.

The company initially provides a free credit repair evaluation and afterwards offers at least two levels of service. They offer a reduced price for couples so it seems likely that they specialize in helping prospective homeowners guarantee their creditworthiness before they apply for their home loan. Credit Assistance Network offers a 20% discount for referrals from current clients and a money back guarantee, although the terms of the guarantee are not spelled out on their website. They also agree to send unlimited number of dispute letters to creditors and persistence does produce results. Their services are monthly and can be cancelled, although the terms for cancellation are also less than clear. The lack of detail is not necessarily a sign that they are shady, since they are accredited by the BBB.

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sign up – Sky Blue Credit Repair

This is one of the best companies to use if you know that your credit is repairable and all that is needed is an agent to negotiate with the credit reporting agencies to ease the process. Their services are geared toward the more basic steps in the credit repair process: they will get inaccurate items removed, begin disputes and send goodwill letters. These are the basic actions most credit repair companies provide, but they often add unnecessary services. Sky Blue keeps their costs down by handling their clients’ business through the most common and effective means. That allows them to offer their services for a lower monthly price than most companies; $59.99 to start the process and $59.99 per month for the monthly services.

Given how many customers they have served, Sky Blue has an amazing number of positive credit repair reviews from their clients. They have received an A+ rating from the BBB, which is very rare in the credit repair industry. No doubt this is related to the fact that they offer a 90 day no questions asked guarantee.

Sign up –

This company provides the most up-to-date and thorough services of any on the list. They have portal services to allow the client constant access, a broad range of services that encompass the possible credit repair avenues and do not accept payment for their services until they are completed, which is literally unheard of. They enjoy an A+ rating from the BBB, also a very rare occurrence. Their style is to get the credit agencies and your creditors to justify their comments and follow up by confirming the removal of items from your report.

Final Thoughts and Guidance

The basic services that any credit repair company should provide are researching your credit report, identifying items that could be removed and negotiating with creditors for their removal, as well as correcting inaccuracies and repetitions on your report. They should also confirm that all item removals have been recorded by the agencies and that your score has been adjusted accordingly. It is important to look for the terms of their guarantees and the pace of their services, since the cost of the service is calculated over time. Credit repair services are becoming more necessary as credit scores are more frequently used when assessing a person’s credibility and trustworthiness. It is important to choose a company that will best serve your needs in the least amount of time possible.


Credit, credit reporting, and credit repair can be confusing. That’s why we put together this guide to some of the most common credit repair questions. We’ll go over the basics of credit repair, help you understand credit repair companies and how to pick the best company. Finally, we’ll look at some specific questions that people have about credit repair.

Use this information to make informed decisions about your credit. Your credit score is important, don’t let it suffer because you don’t know the answers to these key questions!

Credit Repair Basics

This section covers all of the basics of credit repair. We’ll answer questions that will help you understand the key aspects of how a credit repair company works. We’ll also help you understand a bit about how different companies price their services and what methods credit repair companies use.

What is A Credit Repair Company?
A credit repair company is staffed by professionals and experts who understand how credit and credit reporting work. They can help you increase your credit score by using proven methods to remove negative and inaccurate items from your credit report.
How Much Do Credit Repair Companies Charge?
Every company has a different pricing model. Some charge per item deleted, others use a monthly fee. Some companies use both. That’s why it’s important to get a consultation with any company you’re considering so you’ll understand the full cost.
What Do Credit Repair Services Do?
Credit repair companies use tried and tested methods to boost your credit score. This includes challenging items on your credit report and other methods. Everyone’s credit report is different, so no two people will experience the same credit repair process.
How Do Credit Repair Companies Repair Credit?
Credit repair companies use verification requests, disputes, goodwill letters, and other methods to boost your credit.
How Much Do Credit Repair Companies Cost?
Different credit repair services cost different amounts of money. Moreover, everyone has a different credit report, so some people will pay more than others to boost their credit score.
What is Credit Restoration?
Credit restoration is another way of saying credit repair. It’s the process of using tested methods to boost your credit score so you can have a better financial future.
How Many Credit Repair Companies are There?
There are thousands of credit repair companies. That’s why it’s so important that you talk to different companies and read reviews so that you can find the one that’s best for you.
What Does Credit Repair Mean?
Credit repair is a process of cleaning up your credit report to improve your credit score. There are lots of different methods to repair credit, depending on your individual needs.
Can A Credit Repair Company Really Help?
Yes, credit repair companies can really help. Also, the best credit repair companies offer a satisfaction guarantee. That means there’s no risk to try them. If you don’t see an improvement in your score you’ll get your money back.
What Kind of Service is Credit Repair?
Credit repair is a type of business that deals with fixing, repairing, or correcting mistakes on consumer credit reports with the aim of improving the borrower’s credit score.
What is an Average Amount to Pay for Credit Repair Services?
The charges for each credit repair service will vary largely. Some require a one-time fee, while a few others require a monthly fee. For the monthly fee, the cost will range from $59 to $89. Other additional fees might be incurred during the process of credit repair.
When Should Someone Contact a Credit Repair Service?
If you feel like you are overwhelmed with debt and your credit situation is not getting any better, it is a good time to seek the help of professionals. They can provide you with a better way to manage your debts so your credit score could improve.

Understanding Credit Repair Companies

This section will help answer some of the more detailed questions you might have about credit repair and credit repair companies. Your credit is important, and any financial service can be a risk. We’ll help you understand how to spot legitimate credit repair companies and answer other questions regarding how credit restoration services specifically work to boost credit scores.

Do Credit Repair Companies Really Work?
Yes, credit repair can really work. Everyone’s credit report is different. Some companies might be better for your situation than others. Pick a company that makes a money-back guarantee so you’re protected if you’re not happy with the results.
Are Credit Repair Companies Any Good?
There are thousands of credit repair companies, and many of them are quite good. However, you should seek a free consultation with the ones you’re considering so you can get a better understanding of what a specific company can do for you.
Are Credit Repair Companies Scams?
For the most part, no. There are scam companies in almost any industry, and credit repair is no different. That’s why it’s essential that you read professional and customer reviews of different companies to ensure you’ll get the results you want.
Are Credit Repair Companies Legitimate?
Most credit repair companies are legitimate. However, you should always read reviews and research the companies you’re considering, ensuring you get the best results.
Is Credit Repair Legal?
Yes, credit repair is a perfectly legal process. In fact, the Fair Credit Reporting Act outlines most of the methods that credit repair companies use.
What Method Do Credit Repair Companies Use?
Different companies use different credit repair methods. Also, everyone’s credit report is different. That means no two consumers will get the exact same methods.
How Do Credit Repair Companies Remove Debt?
Some credit repair companies also offer debt settlement services. Credit repair companies can also negotiate with your creditors to lower your interest rates, lowering your amount of debt.
What Type of Business is a Credit Repair Service?
It is a type of business that deals with credit history and scores of individual consumers. They can provide service such as credit counseling or debt management in the hopes of restoring the client’s credit score to a more positive rating.
How Long Does it Take to See Results From Credit Repair Services?
Credit repair companies can dispute any inaccurate negative information on your account and the creditors are given 30 days to respond. It can take at least 60 days before you can see any results, or longer, depending on your credit situation.
What Happens Once you Start Using a Credit Repair Service?
You will be working with the credit repair company to dispute any negative items (that are inaccurate) on your credit report. They can also help to ensure that any of you existing debts are paid down, as it will help to gradually improve your credit score.

Picking a Credit Repair Company

There are thousands of credit repair companies out there. This section will help you understand how you should go about picking the best credit repair company.

Different companies have different strengths and weakness. That means you need to know how to find a company that is skilled and experienced in helping people in your specific situation. Moreover, every credit report is different. That means you might get better results from some companies than you’d get from others. Use this information to find the best credit repair company for you.

Should I Hire A Credit Repair Company?
That depends. Every credit report is unique. That’s why we recommend talking to credit repair companies that offer a free consultation to find out what they can do for you.
What is the Best Credit Repair Company?
The best credit repair company is the one that can do the most for you. Different companies have different specialties. Also, every person’s credit report is distinct. Use a free consultation to get a better idea of what a credit repair company can do for you.
Can Credit Repair Service Hurt My Credit?
Not legitimate credit repair companies. Good companies will cause your credit score to go up. Some methods may cause a temporary drop in credit, but then set the stage for a quick increase.
How Effective are Credit Repair Services?
It depends on your unique credit problems. Many companies can help boost your credit score. You should talk to specific companies to see what they can do for you.
What to Look for in A Credit Repair Company?
The most important thing to look for with a credit repair company is a track record of success with clients that have similar credit report issues as you do. Also look for free consultations and money-back guarantees.
How to Hire A Credit Repair Company?
You hire a credit repair company by signing up for their services. Online companies have websites you can use to apply for services, and brick-and-mortar companies will schedule an appointment for a consultation.
How to Choose A Credit Repair Company?
Choose a credit repair company based on what they can do for you. Any good company should offer a free consultation and money-back guarantee to protect you from a bad decision. Look for credit repair companies that have worked with people in similar situations to your own. Those with a proven record of success are the best option for most consumers.
Are Credit Repair Companies Worth the Money?
That’s up to you. Some people repair their own credit. However, credit repair companies offer expert advice and strategies that may be more effective. Also, each company is different.
Should You Work with A Credit Repair Company?
That depends on your problems and goals. Schedule a free consultation and make sure the company you choose has a money-back guarantee so you’re sure to be happy with the results. Make sure the company offers you a clear and understandable plan of action for how they’ll boost your credit score.
How Do Credit Repair Companies Set Up Their Recurring Payments?
Different companies have different methods for recurring payments. You’ll need to talk to the individual credit repair company you’re thinking about to find out more.
Who has the Best Credit Repair Service?
There are plenty of credit repair companies out there. Each company has their own sets of pro’s and con’s. It is up to you, the borrower, to research information about each company. This also explains the importance of comparing quotes from more than one fir to help you choose.
Which is the Best Online Credit Repair Service?
A huge percentage of credit repair services operate online. To find the best credit repair service online, you need to check the reviews from past clients online. Ideally, you must look for reviews placed on third-party websites and not those posted on the firm’s website. It is also important to gather quotes to know exactly how much they charge for each service, and what are the inclusions for those services.
What are the Top Recommended Credit Repair Services?
There are different credit repair services that are highly recommended for each state. If you want to pick the right one, you need to choose the top credit repair services in your state (especially if you are not interested in dealing with online credit repair firms, or find this method more convenient).
What are Some Red Flags that can Come Up from a Credit Repair Service?
There are plenty of red flags to look into when choosing or dealing with credit repair services. The most common red flag is when the firm promises to improve your credit score within a specific period of time, such as a year. Do not fall into this trap because any negative information on your credit report will stay there for a predetermined amount of time. There is no way for the credit repair company to legally remove any accurate negative information on your account.

Another red flag you need to watch out for is when they demand upfront payment (this is banned by CROA) and does not provide you with a written contract.

How to Identify Legitimate Credit Repair Services?
To ensure you are dealing with a legitimate credit repair service, ask for the company’s certification. It is also important to demand a written contract and for you to understand the common red flags associated with credit repair scams.

Credit Repair Specifics

This final section covers the different specific questions that people ask about credit repair and credit repair companies. We’ll do our best to provide the most detailed answer possible. However, every credit repair service is unique, as is every credit report. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure to ask the credit repair companies you’re considering what they can specifically do for your credit issues.

It’s also important to keep in mind that credit repair and credit reporting are complex processes. Credit reporting is also prone to human error. Therefore, different strategies might work better depending on your specific situation.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Remove Collections?
Credit repair companies can remove collections two ways. First, they can use disputes and verification challenges to remove collection entries. They can also write a letter of goodwill to the collection company.
How Do Credit Repair Companies Remove Negative Items?
There are lots of ways that credit repair companies can remove negative items. Some of the most common are disputes, verification requests, and letters of goodwill. Every situation is different. The best credit repair services will be able to offer you a clear strategy for removing harmful and inaccurate items from your credit report.
Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Charge Offs?
Sometimes. Everyone’s credit report is different. You should talk to the credit repair companies you’re considering to find out what they can do for you.
Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Late Payments?
Oftentimes, yes. It depends on many different factors, including who reported the late payment. A free consultation will help you understand what you can expect from a specific credit repair company.
Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Judgements?
Sometimes. Judgements are a tricky subject, and everyone’s situation is different. A free consultation will help you understand what a credit repair company can and cannot do for your unique situation.
Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Student Loans?
Sometimes. Student loans are a complex credit subject. There are different federal rules and regulations that govern how student loans are reported. You’ll need to talk to a credit repair company directly to find out how they can help you.
Can Credit Repair Companies Remove Foreclosures?
Sometimes. Credit repair companies have different methods and techniques. Moreover, everyone’s credit report is a different situation. A free consultation is the best way to find out what a credit repair service can do for you.
How Do I Get Late Payments Off of My Credit Report?
There are several ways to get late payments off of your credit report. You can dispute the late payment, request verification that the payment ways late, or write a letter of goodwill to the creditor. A credit repair company can help you figure out the best method for you.
How Do Credit Repair Companies Pull Credit Reports?
You give a credit repair company the information they need to access your credit report when you do a consultation or sign up for their services. These credit pulls are soft pulls, and so they won’t affect your credit score at all.
What Charges Do Credit Repair Companies Suggest Disputing?
There’s no single set of charges that credit repair companies suggest disputing. Instead, the best companies tailor their approach to the individual credit report at hand. The most important items to dispute are those that you can prove are false. That’s why you should always keep any official paperwork documenting any identity theft.
How Can I Get Inquiries Removed from My Credit Report?
You can dispute that you made the inquiry or ask for verification from the creditor. However, inquiries are usually the smallest issue for credit repair, as they have a minimal impact on your credit score.
What Can Credit Repair Companies Do for You?
Credit repair companies can do lots of things for you. You’ll need to talk to a specific company to see what they can do for your unique situation. They can frequently get negative items removed from your report and boost your credit score.
How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your Credit?
Different credit repair companies charge different amounts. They also have different pricing models. You’ll need to talk to a specific credit repair company to see how much their services will cost someone in your situation.
How Do I Fix My Credit for Free?
You can do everything a credit repair company does yourself. The only thing it will cost you is time. You can dispute items on your credit report, request verification of entries, and write letters of goodwill to your creditors.
How Can I Rebuild My Bad Credit?
You can use credit repair services to rebuild bad credit. You can challenge items on your credit report. You can also request verification and write letters of goodwill to your creditors.
What Is the Best Credit Repair Software?
Different pieces of credit repair software are better for different situations. We recommend checking out professional and customer reviews to see what software is best for you.
How to Evaluate Credit Repair Companies?
The best way to evaluate credit repair companies is by seeing what they’ve been able to do for people in a similar situation to your own. Also look for free consultations and money-back guarantees. These things keep you informed and protect you from being disappointed.
How Long Will It take to Repair My Credit History?
That depends on several factors. Everyone’s credit history is different. That means credit repair can take different amounts of time. A fee consultation with a credit repair company will help you understand how long it will take to boost your credit score.
How Can I Raise My Credit Score in 30 Days?
The best way to raise your credit score in 30 days is to get negative items removed from your credit report. Credit repair companies specialize in getting negative items off your report. Another effective method is to lower the amount of revolving debt you have. Revolving debt usually comes from credit cards. Paying down your balance can quickly boost your credit score.
How Can I Fix My Credit Fast?
The fastest way to boost your credit score is by getting negative items removed from your report. Credit repair companies are the best source for information on how to improve your specific credit score, as every credit report is different.
What Does A Credit Score Help A Lender Determine?
A credit score is used to determine how likely it is that someone will default on a loan or line of credit. That tells the lender what kind of risk a person poses so they can make decisions about approval and interest rates.
How Does Credit Building Program Work with Credit Repair Company?
It depends on the specific company. Different companies help to build credit in different ways. Some use secured credit cards. Others target negative items on your credit report. A free consultation can help you understand what a credit reporting agency can do for you.
What States Have Bond Requirements for Credit Services and Credit Repair Organizations?
The following states issue bond requirements for credit repair services and organizations: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Washington DC, and West Virginia.
What States have Credit Repair and Credit Service Laws?
Every state imposes its own laws and regulations for credit repair services. It is important to do your own research on the state laws for your home state so you can be guided accordingly, and to help you choose the right firm.
How Long should a Credit Analysis be for a Credit Repair Service?
The entire credit repair process will take about 1 to 6 months, depending on the number of disputes you make on your credit report. On average, consumers complete this process for 3 to 6 months.