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mb-201403stacksIt's amazing to think that 2014 is almost in the books.  It seemed like just yesterday we were welcoming in the year and thinking of the promise of things to come.  It's almost over and I hope that you reached your goals, found happiness, and made it through the struggles that certainly came your way.  Below are some of my favorite and most popular posts of the year.  I'm happy to present the best of Money Beagle for 2014.

Before I start, I want to thank you for reading, whether you've been with me for the entire year or just yesterday, I appreciate your time.  The web is a big place that continues to grow, so thank you for giving my little blog your time.

And, with that, here are the posts.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I've enjoyed sharing.

Best of Money Beagle – Jobs And Careers

Where Are Your Old Employers Today?
The Importance of Standing Out At Work
Today's Job Market Is The New Norm
Reasons To Consider Leaving Your Job (And Reasons Not To)
Why You Need To Accept Responsibility For A Job Loss

Money And Saving

Could We Cut Cable TV This Year?
5 Reasons You Should Not Lease A Car
Urgent Care or Emergency Room? 6 Ways To Decide Which Is Best
Wealth Grows Like A Tree
Patience Can Save You Money

Self Awareness and Improvement

I Have High Cholesterol.  Or Do I?
Why You Need To Tackle A Difficult Task Today
Staying Motivated Without Reason
Be Optimistic Yet Realistic When Setting Big Goals
Wealth Grows Like A Tree
Patience Can Save You Money
The 10 Types Of Yelp Reviewers.  Which One Are You?

Readers, thank you again for a great year.  I hope you enjoyed reading Money Beagle as much as I enjoyed writing.  Let me know what you liked best!