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Best Money Saving Apps

There are dozens of the best money saving apps to help put more money back in your wallet. The golden age of personal finance is here and if you are the type of person that needs to save money from grocery shopping, vacation, gas or prescriptions, then this is a list you need to pay close attention to. Throughout this list you will discover the best money saving apps that you can use today!

Why Do You Want to Use Apps That Help You Save Money?

There are plenty of reasons to use apps that help you save money. Maybe you have had trouble saving money in the past or perhaps you need some guidance on where to put your money. The wonderful thing about these types of apps is that they don’t solely concentrate on helping you budget money. Some of these apps can include helping you to invest your money for greater returns, offer money saving tips, helping you to study your finances to see why you are struggling financially and even how to save money at some of the places you shop at regularly. 

Best Money Saving Apps to Download

Whether you are looking to save money on gas, shopping or whenever you go on vacation, there are plenty of free or paid apps that you can download straight onto your phone. This section is dedicated to the top money saving apps that are available for download today.

Apps to Save Money with Receipts

Shopping is the perfect way for anybody to make a little extra money on the side. By scanning your receipts, you can earn cash back on purchases you make every day.



Why Shopkick?

  • Shopkick enables you to scan barcodes of items while window shopping.
  • You can get more rewards when you shop.
  • It offers more opportunities to earn points other than shopping.
  • It can be used in a variety of places from stores, grocery shops, and restaurants.

Try Shopkick

1. Shopkick

Shopkick is an app that allows you to scan barcodes of items you don’t plan on purchasing and earn money in the process. Of course, if you make a purchase, you’ll be rewarded. The Shopkick app works by rewarding users with points by scanning the barcodes of specific items which can then be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards to your favorite restaurants, food delivery services, or online stores.

There are three primary ways that users can earn cash with the Shopkick app. These ways include:

  • Walking into a store-

    the easiest way to earn points is by walking into a store while the Shopkick app is running.

  • Store Scans-

    Once you are inside a store, you can earn points by scanning the barcodes of items that are currently be promoted in the app.

  • Making in-store purchases-

    this is where the app truly shines. Users can gain points by making purchases of products that are currently being promoted on the app. Some of these purchases can result in bonuses of even more points.

This is a great app to use to earn extra cash for shopping for items you already plan on purchasing.

Check out the Shopkick app here.



Why Ebates?

  • This app can be used in local and online grocery stores.
  • You can get up to 40% cash back on purchases – one of the highest available today.
  • With over 2,500 partner stores, you can make a purchase (and earn cash back) on your favorites.
  • There is no need for points or fees – every cash back is added directly to your account.

Try Ebates

2. Ebates

Ebates is known for is amazing cash back savings that users can earn. Users can use the Ebates app to save money at the grocery store or on online grocery stores such as Blue Apron and BJ Wholesale Club. Ebates allows users to earn anywhere between 1% to 40% cashback on purchases from over 2,000 retailers to date.

There are plenty of ways users can save money while shopping using the Ebates app. Some of these ways include:

  • Shopping online-

    with over 80% of the population shopping online, using Ebates is a great way to save money on purchases. Simply search Ebates for the online retailer you want to shop with and connect to the retailer via the Ebates dashboard.

  • In-Store purchases-

    there are currently 22 stores that are partnered with Ebates and that reward customers with cash back on purchases. Simply connect your debit or credit card to your Ebates account to begin earning cash back.

  • Daily Deals and Coupon Codes-

    similar to Groupon, customers can find a variety of promo cards, deals and coupons at some of their favorite offline and online retailers where they can save even more money on purchases.

Check out the Ebates app here.

3. Trim

The Trim app is a way to automate your savings whenever you are shopping. This app is designed to help users save money in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include:

  • Canceling subscriptions you don’t want anymore.
  • Tracking your daily spending.
  • Renegotiating the cost of your cable and Internet bills.
  • Receive refunds for Amazon purchases.
  • Receive cash payments for shopping with a Visa credit card.

The Trim app is free to download and use. Uses must link their Visa credit card to their Trim account, but the information is heavily encrypted, so users don’t have to worry about their information being stolen.

Check out the Trim app here.

Best App for Saving Money Goal

There are plenty of apps on both the iPhone and android devices that can help you set money saving goals to reach your financial aspirations. Some of the best apps for saving money goals include:

1. Qapital

With the help of this app, users can set rules to the amount of money they save. This app allows users to round up the amount of money they spend to the nearest dollar, which is then moved into an FDCI insured account for saving. It is free to sign up for and can even come with a free account that comes equipped with a debit card.

In order to sign up for this account, users will need to link an outside checking account to their Qapital account which will be used to fund their savings goals. When an account with Qapital is opened, you will earn up to 0.10% interest, which is one of the lowest interests rates you can have for a savings account in today’s economy.

Check out the Qapital app here.

2. Mint

Mint is a saving app that allows you to monitor all of your finances in one place. This app comes equipped with budgeting and tracking features that aren’t only easy to use, but stored conveniently in one place. With over 15 million users nationwide, this app allows you to download all of your financial data, create budgets, monitor your credit scores and see in real time your spending habits with impressive graphs and suggestions on how to save money in the process.

As convenient as the Mint app may seem at first, its tools are rather simplistic, and it is not new to hear of users reporting issues with synchronizing their bank information within the app. However, if you are looking for a way to budget your money or keep all of your banking information in one place, this is the perfect app for you.

Check out the Mint app here.



Why Acorns?

  • It is an automatic savings and investing app that does the work for you.
  • Your financial goals and income are evaluated when adding money to your investment portfolio.
  • You can earn cash back when you purchase through Acorn partners.
  • It is ideal for when planning your retirement fund or building emergency fund.

Try Acorns

3. Acorns

Acorns is an investing app that helps users to round up the dollar of their latest purchase and automatically adds this difference into an Acorns account. This money is then invested into an investing portfolio based on your financial goals and income. This account allows you to earn a return of your investments the larger your account grows. Learn more about how to start investing in the stock market.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to opening an Acorns account. The advantage to opening an Acorns account is that if you make a purchase with a linked card at one of the partners of Acorns such as Airbnb or Blue Apron, you will earn cash back on your purchases. You'll need to already have an open bank account online for this to work. The downside to using Acorns is that if there are any dips in the market, your savings account can dip in return. A second downside to having an Acorns account is that it can take a few days to withdraw your money so if you need money in an emergency, this can pose a problem.

While not initially designed as a money saving app, this is still an app that can help elevate your savings to a whole new level and earn money for you that you can put into a retirement or emergency fund later on.

Check out the Acorns app here.


YNAB is a highly popular budgeting app that allows users to create a budget right now. YNAB, also known as You Need a Budget, is a budgeting app that can help you with real-life financial struggles. This app features real time income monitoring, real time expenses monitoring and support to help you understand what the root of your financial distress is.

To help you budget, the app does one thing well: help users via live online classes in various aspects of financial help. Users will have access to saving strategy guides, guides on how to focus on big goals by making small decisions today, guides to help you deal with debt and a guide to simplify your financial life.

Aside from offering budgeting advice, this app features:

  • A Blog-

    this blog contains articles related to financial topics that are updated regularly.

  • A Forum-

    an online support area where you can talk with others going through the exact same financial situation as you. This forum contains such topics as budgeting, financial advice and saving strategies that you can learn from.

  • Site Security-

    with the help of this app, you don’t have to worry about your financial information being leaked online. Any data placed into the app is heavily encrypted, making it unreadable to anyone. If you decide you do not want to use the app, your data is wiped completely from the system.

Check out the YNAB app here.

5. My Budget Book

Similar to other apps in this section, My Budget Book is an app that primarily features financial budgeting and tracking. It is made to keep track of everyday spending so users can see exactly where their money is going to. The wonderful thing about this particular app is that it can show users how a purchase may affect their overall household budget. Take a look at the best budgeting software 2020 has to offer.

The My Budget Apps is currently available in over 10 languages and is made with an easy to use interface. The downside to using this app is that users have to do their own bookkeeping, which can take some time out of their day.

Check out the My Budget Book app here.

Best Money Saving Apps

Apps to Save Money on Groceries

To save money in the long run, you must try to save money even when you spend it. In this section, you will discover a few apps that can help you save money at the grocery store.

1. Cellfire

With the help of the Cellfire app, anybody can save money at their local grocery store. The way this app works is by offering coupons that can be used right at checkout. Just show your phone to the checkout cashier and the savings are applied immediately to your total. This app is completely free to download and can be used on any platform, from android, iOS to PC. This app allows users to store coupons on select items right on their phone or print them out to take to the store with them.

Check out the Cellfire app here.

2. Checkout 51

The Checkout 51 app allows users to save money on their favorite brands at the grocery store. Unlike traditional coupon apps, this app allows users to earn cashback on purchases that is automatically sent as a rebate into their account.

The Checkout 51 app adds up to 20 to 30 rebate offers that are available every week. All that users have to do to earn these rebates is to take a picture of their grocery receipt and wait for the cash back to hit their account. The moment you reach $20 in cash back rewards, users can payout their earnings in the form of a check.

This app is currently available for iOS and Android phone users.

Check out the Checkout 51 app here.

3. Coupon Sherpa

While most grocery coupon apps find coupons that are product specific, Coupon Sherpa stands above the competition by finding store specific coupons that also work for online retailers, offering customers the best of the offline and online world. This is the best app for customers who are looking for more of a traditional coupon experience and who conduct their shopping both online and offline.

After download the app on an iOS or Android device, you can search for coupons that are available at your local store and transfer them into your digital wallet. At the store, you just scan your saved coupons at the checkout counter, just as you would for any shopping trip. The same can be done with online stores. Just grab the coupon code when you are ready to checkout.

Check out the Coupon Sherpa app here.

4. Favado

This is the perfect coupon app to help cut your grocery bill in half. This app offers users a variety of tools to help turn them into an expert grocery saver. Available on iOS and Android devices, Favado can help save customers up to 70% off their overall purchase at local stores. It allows customers to search for the best coupon and sales combinations for all of your favorite brands. Another benefit to using this app is that it allows you to create a shopping list based on the sales and coupons you find.

The Favado app is incredibly easy to use. Once you setup your account and target local stores with savings, you can begin saving money and time as soon as possible.

Check out the Favado app here.



Why Ibotta?

  • It can be used for a variety of stores – grocery, pharmacy, restaurants, and retail shops.
  • It can be used online or locally.
  • It is a coupon site that does not involve the hassle of traditional coupons.
  • It has a low payment threshold of only $20.

Try Ibotta

5. Ibotta

There is no other grocery saving app that is quite as popular as Ibotta. The Ibotta apps works for a variety of different stores such as grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, small convenience stores, online stores and clothing stores. Ibotta is a free shopping app that allows users to search for cash rebates for these stores. The cash rebates can be used for brand name items or for whatever items are on sale at the store of your choice.

Well the help of Ibotta, you can save time, energy and most importantly money at the checkout line. Once you create a shopping list, all you have to do is search the Ibotta interface for cash rebates on these items and earn cash back on them.

Once you hit the payout minimum of $20, you can cash out your earnings via PayPal or Venmo. You can also choose to receive your reward via gift card.

Check out the Ibotta app here.

Best Money Saving Apps

Apps to Save Money on Vacation

One of the times that we tend to spend too much money, is whenever we go on vacation. Throughout this section, you will discover a few useful apps that will help you to save money on your next trip.



Why Digit?

  • It is a unique app that offers micro-savings platforms to users.
  • It automatically adds money to your savings account based on your spending habits.
  • It will review your account daily to determine if more can be added to your savings.
  • It is partnered with over 7,000 banks and credit unions in the US.

Try Digit

1. Digit

The Digit app is an app that allows you to save money without having to think about it in the process. By connecting your checking account to Digit, it will look over your income and daily spending limits to analyze how much money you can save every month. By using this information, Digit will transfer money from your checking account into an FDIC insured Digit account to store your savings. While this can be concerning for some, rest assured that Digit won’t overdraft your account due to its no-overdraft guarantee.

This is the best app to use to take the hard work and guesswork out of saving money. The app is available on iOS and Android devices and is free for the first 100 days of use. After 100 days, the app has a monthly fee of $2.99.

Check out the Digit app here.

2. TripAdvisor

The chances are high that you have come across TripAdvisor before whenever you have scheduled a vacation. With the help of TripAdvisor, you can find reviews to popular locations from other travelers and pictures of places you want to stay at or tourist attractions you are looking forward to visiting. You can also find the lowest deals on airfare and hotels just by using the app.

With this app, you can plan out your vacation from the airline to the hotel you are staying at. Instead of digging around from website to website, trying to find the cheapest deal, with the TripAdvisor app, you can find these deals within minutes.

Check out TripAdvisor here.

3. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet is an online app that allows you to keep track of daily expenses to help you stick to your daily budget. This app is exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. It helps to take out the headaches out of keeping track of your expenses.

Some of the features included in the Trail Wallet app includes:

  • A summary of the day’s spending habits.
  • Graphs of spending habits that spans days.
  • Organization of expenses by month.

Another great feature to using this app is that it will let you know if you are spending too much money, so you can adjust your spending habits accordingly. It is free to download with no monthly fees attached.

Check out the Trail Wallet here.

4. Hostel World

This is the perfect app that will help you stick to your budget while you are travelling. This is an app that is similar to Airbnb, where you can find private lodgings at an affordable price. Similar to Airbnb, you can filter the type of lodging you wish to stay at from how much you want to spend a night, what amenities you want included in your stay as well as staying at lodgings that have received top reviews from other travelers.

The Hostel World app works with over 33,000 “hostels” worldwide, giving users plenty of options to find lodging that works best with their budget. In order to reap the most benefits from this app, be sure to read the traveler reviews. Make sure travelers have been satisfied with the room and service you are reviewing before booking your stay.

Check out the Hostelworld app here.

Best Money Saving Apps

Finding ways to save money can be tough. However, we live in the best time and with the power of technology, saving money hasn’t been any easier. With a money saving app, you don’t have to save money alone. Using one of the money saving apps included on this list will help you start saving money as soon as today. An online savings account from Chime bank is also worth looking into with their great interest rates. They may even have a bank account bonus promotion going on right now.