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Are you in college but are finding it hard to find the time to get a job? Join the club! Between classes, homework, and internships, it's no wonder that any college student can fit in a paying job. That's why this article will reveal some jobs that you can do completely online. These side hustles will not only give you flexibility, but many of them pay better than those on-campus jobs. If you need money now, then you can definitely find this list helpful.


Survey Junkie

Why Survey Junkie?

  • Only takes a few minutes to earn money
  • Doesn’t preclude you from signing up with other survey sites
  • Low barrier to entry; you can start as soon as you sign up
  • Can be done even during short breaks

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Surveys for Money

What does it pay? Up to $20 per survey

Surveys stand as one of the easiest gigs on the Internet. Survey sites get data from customers. Companies then use this data to improve their services and products. Because these surveys help these companies increase their bottom line, they're willing to pay people to take them.

You only need a few minutes a day to make a pretty good income from online surveys. To do this work, create an account on each of the sites that you want to use. Sign up for several sites as you won't be able to take every survey on every site.



Pinecone Research

  • Get paid to test and use apps
  • Keep the app even after the testing period
  • Popular choice among people looking to work from home
  • Possible to earn money even with just your phone

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Product, Software, and App Testing

As a young, tech-savvy student, you probably have your favorite apps that you go to again and again in your daily life. Since you're a student, you may also have to use certain types of software in your school work. Then there are your favorite products.

These products, software, and apps all have to be tested before they go out into the marketplace. That sounds like a cool job, right? Who wouldn't want to get paid to test out the new iTunes, Alexa, or iPad?

The great news for students is that they can get these types of jobs. Students doing these jobs can help get the kinks out of the products, apps, and software before they go out into the marketplace. Under some circumstances, you can even keep the product at the end of the testing period.

You can do a simple Google search to find testing platforms that are currently hiring. You might have to put in an application at several platforms before you get accepted to one. This is due to the fact that this type of work tends to be very popular among those people looking to work from home.



Why Fiverr?

  • Can generate you a full-time income if you attract customers
  • Get paid for anything, from writing to doing celebrity impressions
  • Work at your own pace and time
  • Lets you create three “versions” of your service at different rates

Try Fiverr


What does it pay? Up to $995 a task

Performing a task for $5 doesn't seem like much. But if it only takes you a few minutes to perform, these $5 tasks can add up over time.

Fiverr projects can cost anywhere from $5 to $995. Freelancers can offer three versions of their services for three different prices. Many Fiverr freelancers have turned this work into their full-time career.

What services can you get on Fiverr? Almost anything you can imagine! Some of the services that you can obtain from Fiverr include web development, writing, and graphic design. More fun services include prank calls and celebrity impressions.

Best Online Jobs for College Students


What does it pay? The pay varies. However, some of the most successful bloggers make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

To earn money as a blogger, you will need to write content that your readers find valuable. No one wants to read about your family vacation to Utah. However, many people would want to read a blog post called “10 Things You Need to Know Before Taking a Vacation to Utah”.

When you decide to start a blog, first choose a topic on which you like to write. Make it really specific. Remember: if you're speaking to everyone, then you're really speaking to no one.

When you get your blog topic buttoned down, write down 20 blog post ideas. Now start writing the first five blog posts. This will serve as a test as to whether you actually like writing on your chosen blog topic.

Best Online Jobs for College StudentsSocial Media Manager

What does it pay? Up to $40 an hour

As a college student, you probably spend hours on your chosen social media channels. You might be able to get paid for this time if you become a social media manager. Most businesses use social media in some form or another. However, managing social media in-house becomes more expensive for the business owner. Plus, the employees' time could be spent doing other things.

Social media managers create brand awareness by building relationships with current and potential customers, curating content, and getting new leads. As a social media manager, you will act as the online voice of the company.

To become a social media manager, approach local businesses and tell them about your services. You can reach out to businesses you already frequent, from your local coffee shop to your favorite yoga studio to your go-to hair salon. When starting your business, focus on the platforms on which you have the most knowledge. Then talk to business owners about how you can use your social media channels to grow their business over time.


Virtual Assistant

What does it pay? From $20 to $200+ per hour

The services that you will offer as a virtual assistant can range from customer service and data entry to copywriting and even email marketing. What you can charge as a virtual assistant will largely depend upon your skill set.

If you have specialized skills like email marketing or copywriting, then you can charge premium rates. Business owners generally hire virtual assistants to do tasks that don't have to be done by an employee.

Let's take a local cafe. The job of the cafe is to make food, keep the dining and cooking areas clean, and serve the customers. Most cafes don't specialize in content marketing or social media management.

When a business owner hires a virtual assistant, they don't have to pay employee tasks as the VA is not considered an employee. They also have an experienced worker overseeing their digital marketing campaigns.

Freelance Writer

What does it pay? Up to $500 an article

As long as you have good grammar skills and a desire to write for a living, you can make a living as a freelance writer.

You can use freelance writing as a flexible way to make money in college. You could also add impressive credentials if you play your cards right.

You can start out in this field by starting your own blog. This will allow you to put your name out there. The blog will also serve as a portfolio where you can show off your work.


What does it pay? Up to $45 an hour

If you like to make snarky comments to yourself about your friend's bad grammar, then you're tailor-made to be a proofreader. This is actually a great job for a college student as you proofread your own papers. However, proofreading and editing are two different things.

When you edit, you restructure, delete, and add content. With proofreading, you check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Proofreading is the final stage before the content gets published.

Graphic Designer

What does it pay? Up to $50 an hour

You don't have to study graphic design in college to earn money as a graphic designer. All you will need are the right tools and some attention to detail.

Small businesses will always need beautiful graphics. They will need them for everything from business cards to social media images to logos. You can take online classes, many of them free, to learn the required skills.

Once you think you're ready to get started, contact small businesses in your area. Tell them the services that you offer, whether they are flyer design, branding, or business cards. Let them know how you can help the business increase brand awareness.

Bloggers also use freelance designers to create pins on Pinterest. Email some of your favorite bloggers and tell them how you can best serve them.

Tutoring From Home

What does it pay? Up to $20 an hour

When you become a tutor, you reinforce what you have already learned. If you tutor students in your major, think of it as getting paid to study.

Don't think that you can only tutor people in academic subjects. Some areas in which you can offer your tutoring services include musical instruments and sports.

Best Online Jobs for College Students

Resume Writer

What does it pay? Up to $25 per hour

Typically, the resumes of most college students aren't exactly camera worthy. But you can easily change that by taking a class at your college on resume writing. A simple Google search can also help you write better resumes.

Now you can go out and improve other people's resumes. Visit different freelancing platforms to get your feet wet in this area. You can also spiff up the resumes of your friends. This can act as a great way to get your first few clients.


Web Developer

What does it pay? Up to $75 an hour

Being able to create websites is a skill that can definitely pay for itself over time. Inexpensive or even free courses about web development are all over the Internet. Once you feel that you know enough to start getting clients, go on freelancing platforms to search for those who will pay for your services.

When you first start out, learn the most popular languages, like Javascript. You should also take some time to learn WordPress as many of the world's most popular websites are made on this platform.

Search Engine Evaluator

What does it pay? Up to $15 an hour

You might love Google, but you know it isn't perfect. Search engines hire real people to determine the quality of their search results.

If you get hired for this work, expect about 10 to 30 hours of work every week. You can easily do this job around a busy college schedule.

Online Data Entry Jobs

What does it pay? Up to $17 an hour

You don't need any special skills to do data entry jobs online. These act as great jobs for young people who don't want a whole lot of commitment.

PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Yes, people still actually use PowerPoint in their work lives every single day. What that means for you is that there's an opportunity for you to get paying clients if you familiarize yourself with this software.

If you're interested in doing work in this area, you could do designs for people who use PowerPoint presentations for work, YouTube videos, speeches, business meetings and more. Learning PowerPoint won't take you a long time, and you can get clients before you know it.

Through a simple Google search, you can find websites that can help you design PowerPoints, infographics, and other types of presentations. Some of these websites even allow you to create PowerPoints through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Once you've put together a portfolio of work, you can go ahead and start finding clients. Look on freelancing platforms for work. An even easier way to find paying clients is to look among your friends in the workforce, as well as your parents and their friends. Cast your net wide as you never know who will hire you for your first paying job.


Best Online Jobs for College Students

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You're already familiar with Amazon. It's the first place you go when you need a textbook or new headphones or even new jeans. What you may not have known about Amazon is that you can use the website to make money for yourself.

Amazon Mechanical Turk lets users perform small tasks that allow the website to run as it should. Once you get accepted as a worker, you'll complete online tasks for them. Once the tasks get accepted, you'll get paid. It's as simple as that.


You've probably seen YouTube videos that have captions on them. In case you didn't know, captions are the text of a video conversation. What you would do as a captioner is watch different videos and make captions that sync with the video perfectly.

Doing this work is actually harder than it looks. You not only have to write captions that are grammatically correct, but the captions have to occur right when the speaker is talking. It'll take some practice before most people can get the hang of it.

When you apply for a job as a captioner, you will be asked to caption a short video. Before you start work on the video, you will be sent a guide of the company's best practices. Read through this guide, which is often lengthy, to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the job.


The chances are good that you already do a fair amount of typing in your everyday life as a student. But maybe you're a faster typer than most. To get work as a transcriptionist, all you will need are a fast typing speed and good grammar. If you're a student, you should be all set on your grammar.

A transcriptionist simply turns audio files into a text file. Do a Google search for sites that pay transcriptionists. Be careful of any website that asks you to pay them for job opportunities. If it is an actual job, you should never have to pay for the opportunity to apply for it.

As you get more experienced in doing transcription work, you'll find that you'll be able to command higher fees over time. Practice both your typing and accuracy skills. When you do this, you'll find that the opportunities to get higher paying work will slowly start to come to you.

Online English Teacher

As a student, English was probably your first language. But even if it wasn't, you're pursuing a university education in this language. So almost all college students can pursue work as an online English teacher. It's a pretty easy way to make money on the side.

One way you can try finding work in this area is by advertising your teaching services, which you could do through video chat. You can also perform a Google search for teaching platforms that hire English speakers to teach their students. Since this type of work is popular, you may have to apply to more than one teaching platform.

Once you get a job working online, you'll see that it's the best possible setup for your situation. The best part about many of these jobs is that you often don't need a whole lot of experience to succeed at them. These side jobs not only work as flexible opportunities, but they usually pay better than on-campus jobs. If you know how to drive, you can also consider driving for Lyft vs Uber. Plus, you won't have to take time off for holiday breaks. That means more money for holiday gifts. Lastly, if the options above aren't enough, we also suggest looking into MLM companies that could have potential.

Another good thing about working online is that you might find yourself in a field that you become passionate about. Now you've found a career. This could be a stroke of luck for you as most college graduates don't get paid for their passions. The opportunities on this list can also be considered the best jobs for teens who don't have much work experience.


College can be a hard time for students, especially with expensive college classes. Fortunately, college students can make money to help them through. Online jobs offer the perfect flexibility a college student needs.

Can College Students Make Money Online?

There may be concerns about the reliability of online jobs for students. This section will answer your questions.

How to do online jobs for students?

Students can do a variety of jobs online. Students already possess marketable skills like writing or typing; some companies will even pay you for your opinion on products. Get started by looking on job boards.

How to find an online job for students?

Students can find online jobs by searching for one on an online job board or uploading your resume to one. Students can also try to market their skills directly to companies.

Can international students earn money online?

International student can earn money online too. Most jobs only need an internet connection and a computer to complete without the need to be in a specific location to complete the job.

Can college students work online jobs?

Yes, college students can work online jobs. Many businesses have positions that require little experience, making college students the perfect match for these positions.

How to get online jobs for students?

Students can start looking for online jobs by posting their resume on job boards, or they can start with companies they already know and ask if they need any online work done.

Online Jobs for College Students

There are many questions regarding online jobs for students, from the best jobs or how to find one, the answers are below.

What is a good online job for college students?

A college student can enjoy having a job as an app tester. During the app development process a developer can hire app testers to provide feedback.

How to find online jobs for students?

You can find online jobs for students by searching for freelance jobs online. There are many businesses who are willing to hire remote freelancers over hiring full-time employees. We cover even more online jobs from home in another article.

What is a good online job for college students?

A good online job for students is to be an online tutor. You can teach k-12 students on any subject, and you can even focus on extracurricular tutoring.

What are the best online jobs for students?

Being a social media manager is an easy job with a flexible schedule and is a great fit for college students. You focus on posting content on social media and promoting deals, content and interact with followers.

Are there any online jobs for college students?

Many businesses are in need of work that doesn’t necessarily need a full-time employee in the office. These businesses often turn to people like college students to work for them.

How to get online jobs for students without investment?

Many online jobs can be found without investing money. You can simply create your resume and begin submitting to job boards and cold pitching potential employers for online jobs.

How to make money online as a college student?

There are many online jobs for college students, such as being a search engine evaluator. As a search engine evaluator, you focus on giving search engines feedback on the quality of their search results.

How to make money fast online for college students?

College students can make money quickly online buy selling unwanted items, such as video games, textbooks, clothing, or jewelry. Simply making a listing on an online marketplace.

Where to apply for jobs online for college graduates?

College graduates can apply for jobs online by going to online job boards. Hundreds of companies go to job boards daily to post their jobs, so there’s many job opportunities.

How a college student can make money online?

Many college students can make money online as resume writer. There are sites that offer connections with people in need of resumes or you can offer your services to someone you know.

How to make easy money online for college students?

A college student can easily make money online as a data entry clerk. Business don’t often want to hire full-time employees just to enter data, so they turn to online workers.

How can a college student earn money online?

College students are able to earn money online as a freelance writer. A quick online search will show you many businesses look for freelance writers online.

How to earn money online while in college?

If you’re in college you can earn money on the internet as a transcriptionist. Many businesses need people to transcribe audio for them. It's easy enough just requires attention to detail.

How to make money online as a college freshman?

College freshman can earn money online doing website testing. Many companies make websites and apps and need consumers feedback on effectiveness and functionality.

How a college student can make money online free?

It can be free for a college student to make money online. One way is to be a proofreader. Many writers hire proofreaders to check for spelling, grammar, and other errors. Also, once your done with them, you can do a college book buyback that will bring in some quick cash.

How can a medical student earn money online?

Medical students can earn money online doing medical transcription. This job is a perfect fit for medical students as they can use the knowledge they acquired in school for this field.

How college students can make extra money online?

College students can make some extra money on the side by taking surveys online. Companies use the data from survey sites to improve their products.

Making Money Teaching Online

There’s a high demand for teachers, especially as more and more people turn to online classes to receive their education. You can begin making money online by becoming an online instructor.

How to get a job teaching online college courses?

Look for jobs teaching online course on a job board or contact schools directly for availability. There are certificate programs and additional training in the specific field of online teaching, that can make you more appealing to employers.

How to find online college teaching jobs?

An online job search website is a good way to look for work teaching online college courses. You can also submit your resume directly to a college or university.

How to make real money tutoring online college?

You can make real money by offering peer tutoring for college students or K-12 students in home school programs. You can promote your services at different online sites.

Working as a Student

Many students have questions about working while studying or if they should even be working or the kind of jobs to look for, your questions are answered below.

Should college students have part time jobs?

College students would benefit from having a part time job and can even do part time work from home. One benefit being the extra money for school cost and the other being the experience in the real world for when graduation comes.

What are part time jobs for college students?

There are many part time jobs for college students. There can be jobs for them such as a retail worker, server, host or a job in the field that they are currently studying.

What percent of college students have jobs?

Nearly all college students now work jobs while enrolled in school. A quarter of college students work full-time and are full-time students, while eighty percent of students have part-time jobs.

What are the best paying jobs for college students?

College students have opportunities in getting some good paying jobs for their age, some of them are Tutor, Library Assistant, Bank Teller, and Bartender.

Is Uber a good job for college students?

Being an Uber driver is a good option for college students as it is really flexible with hours and offers good pay with not much experience necessary.

What are the best summer jobs for college students?

While on summer break from school, college students can look for jobs as being a pool attendant or house sitting for someone going on their summer vacation.

What are good night jobs for college students?

Night jobs are a good choice for college students that go to school during the day. Students can look to get hired as a bartender, casino dealer or a security guard for night shifts.

What are the most profitable student jobs?

Students can be hired for some high-paying jobs such as being and administrative assistant. You have to have string Microsoft skills and possibly some accounting background for billing duties. If you want to work at home then consider the best home based business we have reviewed.

What jobs should college students look for?

College students should look for jobs that are flexible with their schedule, as they have to go to class and study for test, and that offer good pay. If you can get a job at your college this can sometimes be the most convenient option. Jobs with tuition assistance can be great too. Jobs that can help you pay down your loans while in college will pay off in the long run. You could also keep an eye on student loan refinance rates to see if you could decrease your payment amount.

What kind of jobs are good for college students?

A good job for a college student would be one where you can be paid a lot of money in a short time. One example would be a server where you can make a lot of tips in just one night.

What kind of jobs do college students have?

College students have a variety of jobs some popular ones are being a barista, or a retail worker. Many students also work for the businesses of their family.

Are college students expected to have jobs?

College students are now expected to have jobs since the costs of higher-level education are rising every year. Four out of five college students now have part-time jobs.

Are student jobs subject to taxes?

Student jobs are subject to both federal and state taxes just like the jobs of the general population. However, certain student workers can be exempt from the Social Security and Medicare tax.