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Spring is officially here because baseball has kicked off. My St. Louis Cardinals shamed the Miami Marlins on opening day in their new funpark.

All around the league the starting pitching has been dominant, so I predict a great season. It's also the first year of the new playoffs system, so we'll see how that works out.

Do you guys follow Major League Baseball?

My daughter has started soccer for the year and I'm looking forward to that. She also discovered the public library (as did my wife), and she's in heaven. “You mean I get to keep these books for two weeks then I can bring them back and get more?” It's fun to watch her become a big kid at age 7.

In other news our Subscribing Pays $50 Cash Giveaway is coming along nicely. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and helped promote the giveaway. We will have the drawing next week so STAY TUNED TO YOUR INBOX FOR THE LINK TO LEAVE AN ENTRY COMMENT.

If you haven't subscribed yet, there's still time…




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As usual I was featured in some carnivals this week: