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Best personal finance writingAll I can say is that today is Friday. It's been a crazy busy week at work, but next week should be more low key.

I go to the doctor on Monday for a checkup. I'm interested to see what he has to say about my Slow Carb Diet and grain abstinence.

I've already decided that if he tells me he doesn't like it, that I will ignore his advice. This is because I am naturally distrustful of authority, and because our health care system is so broken that I don't know who to trust any more. Is he giving me advice to make me better or to keep me as a sick “customer?” Is he afraid of getting sued?

A fellow personal finance blogger (Dr. Dean) and I had an exchange in the comments on my Obama Tax Cutter post about health care. In my response I urged him and other doctors to stand up and tell the insurance companies and trial lawyers to take a hike. These people are only middlemen who seek to get in between you and your doctor.

This is the only way we can save our health care system. People must come before profits. I know there is a way that doctors can make good money, help patients get better, reduce the cost of health care, and eliminate those actors who abuse the system for profit.

It won't be easy, but doctors can do it. Frankly, doctors are the only people I want to profit from health care. Not lawyers and not insurance companies.

On a side note, yesterday was my oldest daughter's birthday. She turned 7. It was also International Women's Day. I think this means she is destined to be a strong and tenacious woman.

This week's Best Of list is dedicated to challenging the status quo and asking important questions.

Best Personal Finance (and Lifestyle) Writing of the Week (in no particular order)

  • Brave New Life has outlined one of their Core Principals. It is about living a deliberate life and awareness of self. Most of the talking is done by David Foster Wallace, one of America's top postmodern authors (before he killed himself). Make sure you listen to the commencement speech given by DFW.
  • Chris Guillebeau is one of the top lifestyle design authors and bloggers out there. In this post, he interviews a blogger whose One Page Career Cheat Sheet has been making the rounds. This is essentially a rubric to see how you really feel about your job.
  • Jeff at Money Spruce has a great post about getting your own Personal MBA, where you teach yourself everything you need to know without the need for an overpriced degree. I'm a big fan of anything DIY that challenges the status quo.
  • Darwin's Money has a great takedown of what is described as The Worst Article Ever. I love to see pointless drivel being called out, and this is a fine example of calling out the shoddiest of journalism and the stupid claim that Apple stock would have been a better investment than a house.
  • Eric at DollarVersity (congrats for recent Yakezie acceptance), asks if technology is ruining society. I like Eric's site because he likes to tackle the bigger picture questions. I try to do that here as well.

Some of my writing was featured in blog carnivals this week. Many thanks to the sponsors of these fine sites.

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