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It's been a beautiful week for weather in the Midwest (minus some rain last night). Although I enjoy spring, I get a bit worried when we skip an entire season.

That just means the bugs are going to be even worse.

As promised, I wanted to update you on my doctor visit this Monday. I'll be turning 31 soon so I wanted to get this out of the way. Everything checked out great and he said I was leading a healthy lifestyle.

I told him about my abstention from grain. I'm not sure if he would have even asked about my diet had I not said anything. I saw a documentary last night that claimed only 6% of doctors receive any training in nutrition. He had no concerns about my diet choices, which is encouraging.


Married (with Debt) will soon be hosting its first giveaway – and it's cash money!

(Actually it will probably be a cash card, but it spends the same). It is my hope that this will help a reader find extra money to send toward their debts.

So how much am I giving away? That depends on you, the readers.

The more people who subscribe, the bigger the cash prize.

The contest is for subscribers only. The opportunity to win will be sent via email, but I promise this won't be like those other contests where you get asked to perform a variety of tasks for entries. You will just have to leave a comment on a specific post and I'll randomly choose the winner.

I'll have a post soon with more details.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now! 



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