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As I write this, I am trying to tie up some loose ends before heading to Louisville, KY for a co-worker's bachelor party. We aren't very close, but he has no friends outside the office so that's why I'm going.

I just checked my blog stats and I've had 23 people from Louisville read my site since the beginning of the year, and they stay here for an average of 3:30″. On the Internet, that's an eternity. I like Louisville because they like me!

I am excited about opening night at Churchill Downs, and I hear that this will be their first night races. The Kentucky Derby is a week away, so I'm expecting a high energy city.

Even though it's probably gonna cost me $300-400, we were very diligent this month keeping spending down, so I will probably be able to cash-flow the expense.

Because I'll be gone Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday, I may not be available to reply to comments or approve the moderation of new commenters. Don't worry – I'll be back!

I want to dedicate this week's “Best Of” post to some of my special Yakezie friends.




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