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Today I head to “beautiful” Alton, IL for a wedding. I already know that everyone's mind is on the Kentucky Derby, and luckily there is an Off Track Betting parlor near the church so the guests can get their gambling fix.

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I'm still trying to get back in the groove of things after last week's bachelor party weekend. I managed to spend about $600, including a new car battery to guarantee that I wouldn't be stranded in the fine city of Louisville.

In addition to the Best Of articles below, I want to call attention to a series of articles posted at Don't Quit Your Day Job, in response to Rob Bennett's guest post here – The Buy and Hold Myth. If you enjoyed the article and brouhaha in the comments, make sure you check out PK's take. I try to bring you interesting and thought provoking articles, and though some of the reactions to Rob's piece were incendiary, he did a good job of trying to keep the debate on topic.

Thanks everyone for reading and have a great weekend!




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