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Well, it’s Saturday and I’m at work today, so I hope your weekend is better than mine. Hopefully I can leave in time for my daughter’s soccer game (and have time to change out of my suit because it’s going to be over 100 degrees).

Earlier this week I went to a retina specialist about my vision issues. He saw nothing of immediate concern, and will see me again in two weeks to be safe. I still have the “floater,” and probably always will, though people say it could break up, fade away or my brain will learn to ignore it. Here’s hoping to that because it’s rather annoying and sometimes gives me a headache.

What I’ve learned from this is something I probably already knew, but had forgotten.


We could talk endlessly about living every day like it could be your last, but I won't.

Granted, I really dodged a bullet by not having a detached retina, and I’m not in pain, but the very essence of my waking life is now altered by this strand of darkness.

To be honest I had some moments of private panic – will I be able to SEE my daughters graduate college and get married? Will I be able to see the faces of my grandchildren? Would I be homebound for the rest of my life?

Those questions are the “old me” trying to come through. I have worked hard over the last year to try to be positive. The positive here is “it coulda been worse.” When I think of all the people who have health problems, I realize that everyone has something wrong with them, or some adversity to overcome.

That’s what life is about.


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