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If you read Wednesday's post, you know I bought a new tablet/netbook. This is good news for the site because I've been slacking a bit lately because working on this blog has been pulling me into the home office by myself, away from my family. I had rebelled a bit by spending evenings on the couch, relaxing. Buying this will allow me to do more while I spend time with my wife and kids in the living room. There's almost nothing better than sitting on your couch with a glass of wine, the baseball game on, and your kids happily playing.

We are about 5 weeks away from our trip, so expect to see more posts about planning and funding a vacation. One of the reasons I started this site was to show people that debt freedom can be achieved without wringing every drop of joy from our lives. As we enter a new chapter in our journey, also 5 weeks away, I will be exploring more ways that families with kids can intentionally live their lives in ways that eschew the misery of wage slavery.



  • Andrew at 101 Centavos breaks down why he thinks Europeans are so skinny. This is an all-around solid blog, and I always enjoy Andrew's perspective.
  • L Bee and the Money Tree is a new site on my radar, and in light of Father's Day, she talks about customer service lessons she learned from her father.  She has an engaging writing style and I can tell I'm gonna enjoy her writing.
  • The Financial Samurai recently concluded a month long sabbatical to recharge his batteries and make headway on some new projects. Click through to see what he learned from his absence.
  • This post from Eric at Narrow Bridge Finance about smart “chip and pin” credit cards in Europe was timely for me, as I will be going there soon. Lesson: make sure you have plenty of local currency in case your old-fashioned North American credit card isn't accepted.
  • Check out this new site I've found that features the travel writing of Drew Gagne, and his true story of an encounter with Mexican police that almost went tragically wrong.


My writing was featured around the web this week. Make sure you check 'em out.