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Personal finance bloggers have been churning out some amazing content, not only this week, but for the year in general. Especially those affiliated with

This week I participated in the Yakezie Carnival hosted by Little House in the Valley, an aesthetically pleasing site that is also a great resource. Thanks Little House!

As is customary, I try to limit the size of my list of best personal finance writing (and lifestyle!) so that you aren’t overwhelmed by choices. This also allows me to drill down to why I like these pieces, and why you should read them as well.

I hope everyone is ready for the weekend; I know I am.

Please click the “continue reading” link to see my list for this week. 


  • Matt at RamblingFever Money has a post about one of my favorite topics, whether to buy used or new cars. Matt brings a personal and comfortable feel to his writing, so I know you will feel welcome there.
  • is a great resource for parents and teens. Financial literacy is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. I played a lot of indoor balloon volleyball this week, so here’s some of Pam’s tips for ways families can have fun when trapped indoors.
  • Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has a valuable post on making sure you are paid what you are worth for your online business when it comes to hosting ads. Crystal is an advocate for new bloggers and I hope to need her services in the near future.
  • TJ has a great read at Free Money Wisdom. I try to offer writing here that is not your typical personal finance writing, and I enjoy reading articles like TJ’s that find creative ways to teach important lessons.
  • Financial Samurai is a great site if you are interested in thoughtful and provocative discussions (useful stuff as well). This discussion on what income is considered rich is no exception.
  • I am just starting to think about filing my taxes, and Amanda at Frugal Confessions has a nice roundup of free resources for filing your own taxes.  Make sure you weigh in with your latest frugal confession, too.
  • Jeffrey at MoneySpruce must have read my mind because my back has been hurting lately from all this writing! He has a cool post about making your own DIY standing desk for cheap.


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