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As I write this we are about to head to my parents' house to go swimming. As I finished typing that sentence, my wife informed me that our 7 year old has a mild fever. She's been coughing a bit for a few days; summer sicknesses are hard to understand. Well, she volunteered that she wanted to stay home, which is something she would never say, so she must be sick.


Swimming is about the only thing you can do when it gets this hot, which is a shame. This is the second summer in a row ruined by extreme heat. When it's this hot, you can't take your kids out and ride bikes or kick balls.

Some good news: I finished my 2-week assignment at work. I go back to my other office for 2 days before going on vacation for two weeks.

I want to thank everyone who continued to visit and leave comments during the last two weeks. As I mentioned, I've not been able to be as active and reciprocal with the love, so I really appreciate it.

As I finish this short post, we've already decided to postpone swimming until tomorrow, to see if she's better. That's life with kids.


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