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When it comes to giving gifts, we often hear that it’s not the amount of money spent but the thought that counts. This sentiment is what makes millions of people search for personalized gifts each year for birthdays and holidays. However, where is the best place to look for cheap personalized gifts? Below are some ideas.

Personalization Mall

The clue is in the title with this one. Personalization Mall offers a wide variety of personalized gifts, for nearly every occasion you can think of. Prices vary and some items aren’t as cheap as items in other stores. However, you can combat this by obtaining a Personalization Mall coupon code from one of the many online coupon sites. A Personalization Mall coupon code will give the user a discount off certain items. Each coupon is different so it’s important for coupon users to check exactly what the coupon is for before they try to use it.


Walmart has a personalized gift section where you can look for that special gift that says the receiver is special to you. The gifts are well made and fairly priced. They’re great little tokens of affection for people of all ages.

Café is an online store that sells numerous personalized gifts. From buttons to funny coasters and key rings, customers can show their friends and loved ones just how well they know to shop on a budget, the gifts are organized by price range. So if you only have $5 to spend, just pop along to the “Under $5” section and get hunting.

Gifts for you now

Gifts for You Now offers a great range of personalized gifts for the whole family. There are personalized welcome flags and mats, printed clothing, personalized mugs, labels and anything else you can possibly think of that could be personalized in some way and given to somebody else. Again, prices vary but for the most part are very competitive.

Personal Creations

Personal Creations has an excellent kids section which even includes personalized story books. The prices at Personal Creations aren’t as favorable as some of the other stores, but the gifts go way past the standard printed mug (although you can get those too if you wish) and the quality of each item is high.

Digital Printers

Companies like Shutterfly and Snapfish offer members the chance to take their favorite photos and turn them into a piece of art for the home. Users can upload the photos to the site and then choose a layout for their print. Both companies offer to print high quality images on to cups, canvases, stationery and cards and a whole host of other surfaces. Again, the prices vary depending on the size of the print along with many other variables. Using photos that hold sentimental value to somebody can often be the best personalized present though and so the money spent with Shutterfly and Snapfish for personalized gifts is worthwhile.

What to Get

With so much on offer, it can be extremely difficult to choose a gift. Many stores try to help by organizing their gifts into sections such as gifts for women, men, girls or boys.

When choosing a gift for somebody, it’s always best to take some time getting to know their likes and interests. If they have a hobby then all the better but if not, take a look around at the possessions they already own. Asking about their likes and dislikes is one of the easiest ways to find out about them, but don’t be too obvious about it unless you want them to know you’re shopping for them!

The point about a personalized gift is that you know the person well enough to give them a gift that isn’t generic and be confident that they will like it. This is why the time taken to think about the gift is more valuable than the monetary worth.