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There are many factors to consider when you are purchasing a new spinning rod. It is essential to know what the right fishing conditions will be like, and how much money you can spend on your gear.

We'll discuss some of the best spinning rods for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing in this article so that you can find one that fits your needs!

Some of the best spinning rods for saltwater fishing:
Balanced and Sensitive Rod
Balanced and sensitive rods are trendy. It has a better sensitivity than other brands, which many anglers look for in their gear. This one also provides plenty of power to fight larger fish!

A Powerful Rod With Good Action
This particular model feels excellent to cast and offers a superb fighting capability when you hook your catch. The premium quality material ensures it will be durable enough to last through years of frequent use on the water.

This fantastic all-around choice is best for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. This 11ft rod fits well into any tackle box because it can handle different conditions without sacrificing performance or comfortability while fishing.

Spinning Rods with Light Power
Fenwick Eagle EA66L-MS-2
The Fenwick Eagle EA66L-MS-2 is an excellent choice for those who are looking to handle lighter-weight fish. It still provides plenty of power but is much easier on the arm than other models with heavier action and stiffer materials.

Great Rod for Smaller Species

The Eagle's sensitive tip allows you to sense even the slightest bites as well as hook small weeds without tangling up your line or breaking off valuable lures!

Built-in fighting butt gives anglers added leverage when trying to land difficult catches. This model offers some great features that make it an excellent choice if you go after a smaller game such as panfish or trout. The sensitivity is unmatched by most competitors' brands, while the built-in fighting butt makes landing stubborn fishes easy with just one hand!

Croix Premier PS66LF
The St. Croix Premier PS66LF is the best spinning rod for the money. The Premier line is a favorite among anglers looking to get more fly fishing in their lives, and this model has all of the features you would want!

The PS66LF feels super light with an ultra-powerful backbone. Built-in fighting butt makes landing difficult catches easy.

Grip design that helps control fish, even when they kick up against your hands. When it comes to getting into competitive casting situations or long-range casts, you need sensitivity and power.

This delicate balance can be tough to find, so we recommend choosing between two different styles: either straight tip models like those found on Eagle rods which are relatively sensitive and have less of the arm than other models that have a heavier action and are more suited to casting in heavy wind.

Spinning Rods with Medium Power
Redbone Hurricane Inshore RDB-761MS
The Redbone Hurricane Inshore RDB-761MS is a top-tier spinning rod that offers everything you need in terms of sensitivity and power. It is one of the more expensive models out there, but it will not disappoint when it comes to durability, reliability, or versatility.

This model has an R-shaped backbone for improved strength, providing a softer feel resulting from reduced vibration transfer during casting.

The blank construction consists of four pieces with six guides made out of lightweight aluminum oxide ceramic inserts. At the same time, the finish is designed to provide maximum protection against corrosion without adding significant weight to the rod itself.

This means using this fishing rod can be done all day long without getting fatigued, which makes them perfect for anglers on their feet all day and don't want their rods weighing them down too much!

Ugly Stick Elite USEESP702M
The Ugly Stick Elite USEESP702M is a high-end spinning rod constructed out of graphite and fiberglass with an epoxy finish for increased corrosion resistance.

With this model, we have found the best balance between power and sensitivity, which can help improve your catching ratio when fishing!

This means you will be able to feel more bites than usual, so if you are looking for a good feeling while fishing, then this might just be the perfect choice for you!

Penn Fierce Spinning Fishing Rod PCF130MFFT
The Penn Fierce Spinning Fishing Rod PCF130MFFT is explicitly designed as large trout rods and comes in two models: one weighing six ounces while the other weighs four ounces.

These different weights mean it's easy for you to find the perfect rod for your needs and preferences.

The action of this rod ranges from medium-fast with a softer tip which makes it an excellent baitcasting spinning combo set up as well!

What's also really impressive about this model is how sensitive it is, making all the difference when out on the water!

This means even if your lure isn't sitting perfectly upright or at precisely the right depth, there will still be some form of feedback letting you know something may not be quite what it should be.

Spinning Rods with Heavy Power
Croix Mojo Inshore MIS76HF
The St. Croix Mojo Inshore MIS76HF is a great all-around spinning rod for those looking to fish the shoreline and shallow water.

This model is one of our favorite rods because it features an excellent vibration dampening system that helps you feel every subtle bite!

It also comes with comfortable EVA grips, so no matter what your hands might be feeling like at the end of the day, this will go some way in alleviating any pain or discomfort.

In the end, you will want to choose a rod that fits your specific needs for fishing and budget! We hope this article helps guide you in choosing one of these five best fishing rods for the money options.